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Talk to me!

Talk to me!

By |November 15th, 2010|Categories: Syndicated Content|
Rob Haggart posted this interview with Hall of Famer Clint Clemens, which I found to be one of the most thought provoking posts of the year.  A few juicy quotes:

1) “So what’s happening is that you have a world in which the supply of photography is much, much greater than it ever was. You’ve got the concept that data, because it’s ones and zeros and it’s not a physical asset, has less value.”

2) “So, how do you build a wall around yourself?  It used to be your ability to focus, process, expose, etc. and that whole wall has completely fallen down…..essentially what we’re seeing is the automation of photography with all these new cameras.”
3) “My sense is that the real profit in photography is coming through people that are essentially teaching.”
I’d like to turn the tables for a minute.

This blog started as nothing more than my creative journal.  Over time it has transformed, and through it, I’ve heard from shooters around the world, which has been amazing.  But this is a big, interesting, important conversation that is worth having.
SO…..whether you’re a regular or first time reader of this blog, please, please, take 2 seconds to share your thoughts.  And if you want to share a little bit about yourself that would be awesome too.

Talk to me!