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Percussion Portrait

A photograph of a musician is a bit of a contradiction. As hard as you may try, you will not be able to listen to an image.

However, AtEdge photographer Saverio Truglia is able to distill the essence of what the avant-garde group Third Coast Percussion does in this Portrait of the Week.

Rather than their faces being the focal point of the photograph, we instead see their drumsticks and percussion tools. Appearing molecular in structure, they form a chemical bond of music.

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Scientific Portraits

Portrait of the Week:

Late last year, Elena Zhukova was commissioned to photograph the five Nobel Laureates who teach at UC Berkeley.

With her subjects’ expertise ranging from astrophysics to economics, Zhukova applied her own photographic skill in capturing these titans of research in their element.

Here is her portrait of 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine winner Randy Schekman.

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Portrait of the Week: Kid Edition

Baby and kid photography is particularly difficult because you cannot communicate in a detailed and complex manner with your subject. You must be skilled in not only framing, lighting, and composition but you must also be adept at keeping a little person content and directing their attention to the camera. Thankfully, AtEdge photographer Lisa Wiseman possesses these skills and more.

Personalities begin to form well before a person is able to speak and Wiseman’s portraits capture the beginnings of a consciousness, of a being that may not know what the mechanical object is in front of it’s face but it knows that everyone gets super happy when they smile and so they may as well smile.

The person in this week’s portrait is not smiling though. He is interested, critical even, of his experience in front of the camera. He is matching the photographer’s gaze in a remarkable way, certainly not expected from a child. You can’t help but wonder what type of person his little guy will grow up to be.

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R & M

The letters “R” and “M” could stand for a variety of things: rambunctious and mysterious, realistic and macabre, rollicking and multidimensional.

In our case, “R” and “M” are the initials of a photography duo whose work happens to embody all of the aforementioned adjectives.

Ransom & Mitchell are Jason Mitchell [director | photographer] & Stacey Ransom [set designer | photo illustrator] and their combination of visual strengths have produced the Portrait of the Week titled “Hubris”.

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Sandro + Fossil Man

Portrait of the Week ::

Sandro traveled throughout Morocco last year and captured some truly extraordinary portraits, including this man holding a fossil.

Experience  Sandro’s visual journey here, http://sandro-eyes-of-morocco.tumblr.com/

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