Artist Spotlight: Geneviève Caron

A skilled portraitist, Geneviève Caron believes in the trademarks of minimalism, lightness and restraint to create stylish and sophisticated photos. She’s highly adept at shooting in diverse locations, all while possessing excellent communications skills that put subjects at ease, encouraging better images.

Geneviève’s client list includes photo work for Coca-Cola, Colgate, TD Bank, BMO, Dove, Johnson & Johnson, Lincoln, Toyota, Bell Canada, Sony, Target, Bounce, Toronto Tourism, Workoplis, SunLife Insurance and Wal-Mart. She’s the winner of numerous North American photography awards, including first prize at the Canadian Lux contest in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2013. Geneviève  has also claimed first prizes at the US APA National photo competition in the fine art category in 2009, the US PDN Pix Digital Contest in 2009 and the Faces PDN contest in 2015.

You can see more work from Geneviève on her AtEdge portfolio page or on her website.

Creative Showcase: The Best of Sports Photography

Photographing athletes is a dream for many professionals, but it isn’t an easy thing to do. Sports Photography comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are actions shots and promos, gritty pictures and elegant close-ups. The world of sports photography is as diverse as sports themselves.

Sports photography is often a lightning fast process and knowledge of the game can go a long way to getting that perfect shot. Being able to predict where an athlete is going to be or what he or she is going to do before they do it ensures you don’t miss out on what’s coming next. You need impeccable timing, great equipment and a quick trigger finger to be a sports photographer and luckily we know more than a few people who check all those boxes.

Below are just a few of the best sports photographers we know. You can see all the sports photographers AtEdge has on its roster on our Specialties page.

Gary Land

Philip Haynes

Tom Hussey

Paul Aresu

Paola Marchesi

Kevin Arnold

Finn O’Hara

You can see more incredible Sports Photography here.




Campaign Spotlight: Tyler Gourley for PlayStation

The subject was the video game Gran Turismo Sport. The photographer was Tyler Gourley. The results were pretty damn cool.

Gourley is renowned for his sports and automotive photography, so a promotional shoot for one of the world’s largest racing sports games was right in his wheelhouse.  Of course, Sony PlayStation is just the begining of Gourley’s campaign work. Toyota, AT&T, Converse, Sega, Visa, Microsoft and dozens of other big name companies fill out his client list.

To see more of Gourley, visit his portfolio page on the AtEdge website.

Tyler Gourley Tyler GourleyTyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley

For more images like these, head on over to the Campaign Spotlight section of the AtEdge website.

Maxine Helfman Captures a Different Side of James Franco

Photographer Maxine Helfman recently had the opportunity to photograph James Franco the artist, not James Franco the actor. The shoot was for the New York magazine and the goal was to capture a different side of Franco.

You see, James Franco isn’t just an actor, he’s also a wildly hated artist. There are tons of articles all over the internet about why you should hate him and his art. He’s regularly slapped with labels like “poser” and “faker,” and the art world seems to love to hate him as a whole.

That’s where Helfman comes in. The feature article was about Franco sitting down and having a discussion with one of his biggest critics and Helfman was tasked with creating a cover image for the piece. According to New York photography director Jody Quon, Helfman “has a very vivid sense of photography and a painterly quality as well.” This is what led to the cover image being “van-Gogh-as-tortured-artist,” as Quon put it.

The end result of the campaign was a series of brilliant images that portray Franco in a delightfully new light.

To see more of Helfman’s work, check out her AtEdge portfolio.

Painted James Franco Kind of looks like a murderer James Franco James Van Gogh Franco

Clouds of Luxury: RJ Muna for Airbus

RJ Muna teamed up with Dutch artist Berndnaunt Smilde for an Airbus corporate jet campaign titled, ACJ Nimbus. The duo was tasked with capturing the luxury experience of flying on an Airbus corporate jet in a new & inventive way.

For the images, Smilde created unique cloud-like floating structures by spraying a fine mist of water & then blowing smoke into it and RJ then shot the imagery from a low point of view so that the clouds convey a sense of grandeur & freedom high up in the air.

Each photograph, respectively titled Serenity, Freedom, and Harmony, accurately reflects the experience of owning and traveling via an Airbus jet.

RJ is represented by Marianne Campbell. Take a look at more work from RJ through his AtEdge portfolio and at

©RJ Muna

©RJ Muna

Dean Bradshaw Channels Film Noir in His Images for Logan

Dean Bradshaw (represented by CPi Reps) teamed up with the makers of Logan to document Hugh Jackman’s final time as Wolverine in a photo-journalistic way.

Dean’s images, alongside images by James Mangold (Logan‘s Director), were used for social media campaigns and will also be featured in a limited edition coffee table book for promotional purposes.

Explore more of Dean’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and his site:

©Dean Bradshaw

©Dean Bradshaw

©Dean Bradshaw

©Dean Bradshaw

©Dean Bradshaw



Richard Schultz’s Personal Project Puts A Spotlight on Tobacco Farming

In his recent project, Richard Schultz traveled to Kentucky to document tobacco harvesting.

Richard describes his experience shooting at the tobacco farm:

“I feel fortunate to be brought face-to-face, yet again, with Mexican migrant laborers who come to work in our country and do the hard work very few “Americans” would be willing to do. These images weren’t shot to be about Mexican immigration, they were meant to be about the harvest and labor in our country. It was just interesting to see that the farmers aren’t able to find any U.S. citizens who are willing to work that hard.”

Take a look at more of the images here, and check out Richard’s AtEdge portfolio and website for more of his lifestyle work.

©Richard Schultz

©Richard Schultz

©Richard Schultz



Lisa Predko Photographs Trixie Mattel

Lisa Predko rang in the New Year with a fabulous shoot featuring Trixie Mattel, a previous contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Lisa is represented by Rad Represents. To view more of her work, please visit her AtEdge portfolio and website:


©Lisa Predko


©Lisa Predko


©Lisa Predko


©Lisa Predko

Tim Tadder & Epson: The Power of the Photographic Print

Epson just released a new campaign to celebrate the power of the printed photograph. For the project, Tim Tadder and other legendary photographers such as Steve McCurry, Jeremy Cowart, Stephen Wilkes, Elizabeth Carmel, Amy Toensing, Lois Greenfield, Gregory Crewdson, Mark Seliger, Monica Stevenson and John Paul Caponigro were approached by Epson to appear in a video to share their inspirations, processes and views on the importance of the photography print.

Tim says, “So much time and energy goes into making the photograph. If the print is not perfect, it is not worthy of a print. It is not worthy of sharing.”

Check out the video below.

Tim Tadder is represented by Heather Elder. More of his work can be seen at and at

Via Heather Elder

New Work: Thomas Chadwick

English photographer and Chicago resident Thomas Chadwick has updated his wide ranging portfolio with a piece he shot, directed and wrote about Chicago boxer Dimar “El Animal” Ortuz.

From Thomas,

Documenting Dimar prepare for an upcoming fight was eye opening. What he goes through on a daily basis is grueling. He’s physically tough and mentally focused. At the same, time he surprised me with how warm and open he is. He’s an exceptional person. I really enjoyed my time with him.

I would like to thank the people that helped me bring this project to life. Nicholas Price, Curtis Schmidt, Nealle Dipaolo, Agnieszka Ray,a Mike Shimer, Tyler Lundberg, Erica Chadwick, and Joe Lombardo

Check out the video below:

Thomas Chadwick is represented by ETC CREATIVE. His AtEdge Portfolio can be viewed here.