Maxine Helfman

Maxine Helfman for New York Magazine

Maxine Helfman recently photographed James Franco for the Art & Design issue cover of New York Magazine. The concept for the cover shoot was inspired by “van Gogh as tortured artist” due to Franco’s own struggle to gain acceptance in the art world.

Maxine is represented by JK&. View more of her work through her AtEdge portfolio or at

©Maxine Helfman

©Maxine Helfman

Microview 50 is Out Now

Featured Image: ©Matthew Turley 

Microview 50 is here! The book is jam-packed with 200+ pages of extraordinary images from an exclusive group of commercial photographers.  The cover is an exceptional image by Matthew Turley.

AtEdge publications are distributed to a select group of creative buyers 5 times a year. See if you qualify for a free copy here.

About Matthew Turley
As a commercial photographer, Matthew has gained over two decades worth of experience working with big names such as Home Depot, Chevron, Chrysler, RAM, & Biltmore. Throughout his career, Matthew’s work has been recognized for international awards including CA and PDN. He is represented by Marianne Campbell Associates.

See more of Matthew’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

Here are a few examples of images you’ll find in Microview 50:


Maxine Helfman “Historical Correction” featured on

AtEdge Photographer Maxine Helfman‘s Flemish-style portrait series “Historical Correction” is now featured on

The series places people of color within a portrait style that was primarily used for the European upper-class to create a social “contradiction”, forcing viewers to think.

Helfman wanted to create historical documentation of a population that never was. The images subvert the obvious storyline — that social strata often break down along racial lines. Her photos are a “contradiction,” she said, to the stories of inequality that are being told in protests across the United States.





You can view the full article with photos here.

For more work from Maxine Helfman, please visit her AtEdge Portfolio and Website.

10 Fashion Photographers You Should Know

This week AtEdge brings to you some of the world’s most talented fashion photographers.

Our artists have worked with the biggest names in the industry including:  Wrangler Jeans, Rolling Stone Magazine, Esquire, MAXIM, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Sartoro NYC, Bloomingdale’s, Glamour, Vanity Fair  and many more.

Check out 10 of the most innovative fashion photographers working today:

Alberto Oviedo

Alberto Oviedo, fashion photography, fashion, lips, makeup, editorial, commercial, flowers, lipstick, atedge, photography

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Roger Hagadone

Roger Hagadone, commercial photography, fashion, fashion photography, atedge, hair, makeup, art director, art buyer

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Erik Almas

Erik Almas, red dress, atedge, fashion, fashion photography, photographers, atedge, commercial, talent,

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes, fashion, photography, atedge, commercial, fashion photographer

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Maxine Helfman

Maxine Helfman, statement, commmercial, fashion, fashion photographer, photography, studio, atedge

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Michael Grecco

Michael Grecco, fashion, couture, mountains, outdoors, fashion photography, photographer, atedge, commercial

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website



David Krovblit, krovblit, fashion, high fashion, mens fashion, photography, photographer, atedge, commercial, assignment photography

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Jennifer Robbins

Jennifer Robbins, lace, high heels, shoes, makeup, fun, fashion, photography, fashion photographer, high fashion

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Raina + Wilson

Raina Wilson, Raina, Wilson, Ladder, Fashion, high fashion, hot couture, designer, fashion photography, studio, photographer,

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


Russell + Rutherford

Russel Rutherford, fashion photography, black and white, b+w, studio, hair, gloves, high fashion, couture, atedge

AtEdge Portfolio // Artist Website


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PDN Photo Annual 2014

AtEdge would like to congratulate our photographers who received recognition in the PDN Photo Annual 2014!

Simon Harsent: Advertising

Ad agency: GPY&R Transport for NSW

Ad agency: GPY&R :: Dangers of fatigued driving.


Chris Gordaneer: Advertising

Ad Agency: Proximity Canada #WEAREWINTER Canadian Olympic Team

Ad Agency: Proximity Canada :: Canadian Olympic Team


RJ Muna: Advertising

Agency: In-house Campaign for Alonzo King's LINES ballet

Agency: In-house ::
Ad campaign for Alonzo King’s LINES ballet company.


Pat Molnar: Advertising

Ad agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald Detroit  USAA *note, different image from campaign appeared in pdn

Ad agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald Detroit :: USAA *Note, a different image from campaign appeared in PDN.


Taylor Castle: Advertising

Ad Agency: DDB Chicago  The Field Museum Chicago

Ad Agency: DDB Chicago ::
The Field Museum Chicago


Dan Saelinger: Magazine/Editorial

Editorial for The Atlantic

The Atlantic :: Companies creating healthier junk food.


Howard Schatz: Photo Books

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting


David Emmite: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"Somebody's Kid"

“Somebody’s Kid”


Simon HarsentCorporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"The Beautiful Game" :: football stadiums

“The Beautiful Game”


Lennette Newell: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

Promotional image used by Lennette when she appeared on American's Next Top Model

Promotional image used by Lennette when she was a photographer on American’s Next Top Model.


Maxine Helfman: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"Historical Correction"

“Historical Correction”


Michael Lewis: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

Self-Portrait, on the set

Self-Portrait, on the set


Tim Tadder: Stock Photography

"Peak-Action Soccer" for Corbis

Corbis Images: “Peak-Action Soccer” for World Cup


Jonathan Chapman: Stock Photography

"Highway 1"

“Highway 1”


Francesco Tonelli: Websites ::

Food Photography

Food Photography


Dwight Eschliman: Websites :: Bicycle San Francisco

Dwight Eschliman's Bicycle San Francisco page

Product Photography