Car Photography

11 Photographers Who Are Steering the Automotive Industry

Featured image: ©Wilson Hennessy

There’s no shortage of imagery in the automotive industry but producing unique car photography is no easy task.

Check out these 11 AtEdge photographers that deserve recognition for taking their work in automotive photography up a notch.

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David Westphal for Subaru Global

David Westphal and his team had an adventurous 8 days shooting all the elements for this recent Subaru Global campaign. The project took the team to Spain, where they traveled and shot images by the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains outside of Barcelona and all the places in between.

David is represented by Doug Truppe Represents. See more of David’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and website.

©David Westphal

©David Westphal

©David Westphal



Re-inventing the Wheel: 12 Outstanding Automotive Photographs

Photographing motor vehicles is no easy task, let alone photographing them in a new and unique way that has not been done a million times before.

Luckily, the AtEdge photographers are known for their innovative concepts and fresh ideas that always put their photos a cut above the rest.

Here are 12 outstanding automotive photographs from the AtEdge visionaries:

Edo Kars


Bill Cash


Todd Tankersley


George Simhoni


Toshi Oku


Mark Delong


Brian Konoske


Roy Ritchie


Clint Bowers


Travis Rathbone
Travis Rathbone


Michael Grecco


Andy Anderson

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