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Remembering a Bygone Era: Nostalgia By Mauricio Candela

Times have changed. A lot. There have been more scientific and technological advancements in the last century than in any century before it. And of course, with all those changes have come a whole lot of drawbacks. After all, advancement rarely comes without its own set of consequences.

It’s been over fifty years since Bob Dylan recorded “The Times They Are a-Changin,'” and even he probably would never have guessed how much more things would change in his lifetime.

Mauricio Candela Nostalgia

Photographer Mauricio Candela’s latest series, Nostalgia, focuses on how times have changed for children in particular. His photographs bring us back to a time before smartphones and the internet. Before kids had to worry about social media and having the latest gadgetry. As he puts it, “imaginations are now at the mercy of tablets and dictated by smartphones and video game consoles.” Nostalgia is all about remembering a time when childhood meant simpler times and an abundance of innocence.

You can see more of Nostalgia below, including the photographer’s own statement about the series.

For more of Candela’s work, visit his official AtEdge page.

Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia Mauricio Candela Nostalgia

All Images © Mauricio Candela

Photographer’s Note

Nostalgia by Mauricio Candela.
What once was childhood.

Childhood and the Nostalgia of it have a curious relationship.
It’s not something that children are conscious of, but as adults, it plays a big part as a reference in their lives.

Remembering our own childhood conjures up images and thoughts of a seemingly simpler, easier time.

When we see today’s children surrounded by technology, it seems as if their own imaginations are now at the mercy of tablets and dictated by smartphones and video games consoles.

Almost like a still silent scream, these photographs are presented to remind us that innocence, simplicity and creativity are the foundations of any childhood. Having any of these elements in our past is what makes the nostalgia for them so strong in present times.

This artwork shows the reality of a child. We can clearly experience a “feeling” in viewing it. It acts almost like a warning to the inner adult carried inside. It’s a reminder that any childhood flourishes by such very basic, simple things within a nurturing environment.

It will serve as a safety net or foundation. By enabling this context, they’ll be armed at defending themselves from the assault of today’s world and its technological tsunami.

The process of creating these images was done over a long and slow timetable. It took almost a year to find all the ideal characters to reflect the meaning of what I wanted to impart in the artwork. Using neutral color palettes and staging each scene organically, without makeup or tricks, without over-producing them.



Maxine Helfman Captures a Different Side of James Franco

Photographer Maxine Helfman recently had the opportunity to photograph James Franco the artist, not James Franco the actor. The shoot was for the New York magazine and the goal was to capture a different side of Franco.

You see, James Franco isn’t just an actor, he’s also a wildly hated artist. There are tons of articles all over the internet about why you should hate him and his art. He’s regularly slapped with labels like “poser” and “faker,” and the art world seems to love to hate him as a whole.

That’s where Helfman comes in. The feature article was about Franco sitting down and having a discussion with one of his biggest critics and Helfman was tasked with creating a cover image for the piece. According to New York photography director Jody Quon, Helfman “has a very vivid sense of photography and a painterly quality as well.” This is what led to the cover image being “van-Gogh-as-tortured-artist,” as Quon put it.

The end result of the campaign was a series of brilliant images that portray Franco in a delightfully new light.

To see more of Helfman’s work, check out her AtEdge portfolio.

Painted James Franco Kind of looks like a murderer James Franco James Van Gogh Franco

Photography Meets Origami in Marc Tule’s Project for Google

Google enlisted the help of Marc Tule to create captivating imagery using the origami art of Joseph Wu.

According to Marc:

At first glance, the project looks like a simple ‘white on white’ but to get the final style we tested over 20 different white and off-white smooth & textured art papers. In addition, we tested various lighting & shadow and the interaction with the Google Maps that were applied in post.”

About Marc

Marc has worked as a commercial photographer since 1995 and has consistently produced work that exemplifies creative energy, mastery of lighting and his burning desire for precision. Inspired by nature, unique products, and his personal experiences, Marc’s work is constantly evolving as he continues to work with the likes of Intel, Toshiba, Sony & Samsung.

Marc is represented by JK&. Take a look at more of his work through his AtEdge portfolio & at

Marc was introduced to Venables Bell Design Director Blake Bäkken at his first AtEdge Face-to-Face event in San Francisco a few years ago. This meeting allowed Marc & Blake to establish an important personal connection, which eventually led to the Google commission.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Design Director: Blake Bäkken
Art Director: Avery Oldfield
Copywriter: Adam Wolinsky










Campaign Spotlight: Bonnie Holland for Kiplinger’s

When Kiplinger’s called Bonnie Holland to see if she’d be interested in shooting a cover story,  she was thrilled to learn that Director of Photography Wendy Tiefenbacher had been “crazy about her work for a while” after seeing it in the AtEdge books.

Kiplinger’s commissioned Bonnie to shoot an article outlining various steps to make sure the money keeps flowing during the road to retirement. True to her sought-after style Bonnie delivered visuals that were optimistic and bright, reflecting the fact that the retirement journey doesn’t have to be scary.

About Bonnie Holland
Bonnie Holland is an award-winning commercial photographer based out of California. Her work is often described as vibrant, playful and wildly creative. With its’ original, optimistic and perfectly crafted point of view, her artwork has been sought out by clients such as Target, Benefit Cosmetics, BEBE, Coke and many more. She is represented by Lesley Zahara.

For a deeper look into Bonnie Holland’s body of work please visit her AtEdge portfolio or website,

BonnieHolland Bio Pic 4x6

Bonnie Holland

Bonnie Holland for Klipingers 1

Bonnie Holland for Klipingers 2

Alex Martinez Rethinks the Daily Grind for Mars Drinks

AtEdge photographer Alex Martinez recently collaborated with Creative Director Todd Haislip and the team at Big Red Rooster to create imagery for Mars Drinks’ new “Rethink the Daily Grind” campaign.

Alex says, “I enjoyed working on this project because we were able to combine multiple components to convey the message in a humorous way. Big Red Rooster has been releasing the series throughout the year, and I appreciate the variety of activities displayed while creating an exciting new brand identity.”

About Alex Martinez
Born and raised in Colombia, Alex Martinez is an award-winning fashion, portrait, advertising, and commercial photographer. Known for his striking color sense and unique use of light, Alex creates powerful images that resonate, and his vibrant personality allows for easy interactions on set. He has shot for Bravo, FOX, the Discovery Channel, NBC, TVOne, and Paramount Pictures along with AT&T, Spanx, Goody, Pfizer, Atlantic Records, CVS, and Vibe.

Alex Martinez is represented by VISU Artists. See more of his work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

MAR459_OfficePro_PrintAd_Ballerina_8.25x10.875.indd MAR459_OfficePro_PrintAds_Runners.indd MAR459 Office Pro September_8.25x10.875.indd
MAR457_Fast Company October 8.75x10.875.indd
MAR 460 HR Executive Print Ads5.indd

Campaign Spotlight: Andy Mahr Shoots JJ Watt and Ronda Rousey for Reebok Pump

This year Andy Mahr was commissioned to shoot a variety of running, training and professional CrossFit athletes like Jason Khalipa, Noah Ohlsen, Emily Bridgers and Kelley Jackson to help Reebok introduce their ZPump and Nano 5.0 lines. During the week and a half long library shoot, he also photographed JJ Watt and Ronda Rousey for the Pump franchise.

AtEdge resources helped introduce Andy to the creative team at Venables Bell & Partners, which eventually led to the Reebok commission. First, Andy met Design Director Blake Bäkken at our 2014 Face-to-Face event in San Francisco. Creative Director Tom Scharpf and Art Director Alex Rice also spotted Andy in AtEdge before tapping him for this collaboration.

About Andy Mahr
Andy Mahr is an award-winning advertising photographer based out of Texas. After working as an art director and creative director for 13 years, he made the full transition to photography 8 years ago and has never looked back. His background as an art director has taught him to absorb the world and develop his own unique and distinctive style, look and aesthetic that has made the rise to his current success very rapid. Andy loves photography and every aspect of the process he uses to create outstanding images. Andy’s client list includes Nike, Bell Helicopter, Texas Tourism, Timberland, Toyota, RAM Trucks, Gatorade, Harley-Davidson and more.

Andy Mahr is represented by Lesley Zahara Represents. More of his work can be seen through his AtEdge portfolio, at and at


AndyMahr Headshot

Andy Mahr


Andy Mahr for Reebok
Agency: Venables Bell
Art Director: Alex Rice
Creative Director: Tom Scharpf



Ronda Rousey



JJ Watts


8 Great Motion Campaigns of Spring 2015

Featured Image, Simon Stock

Being a professional photographer can entail much more than capturing still images.

The AtEdge photographers are frequently commissioned to direct and create video work for leading brands across the country and abroad.

Here are 8 great motion campaigns of Spring 2015:

When you’re done, don’t forget to head over to the Campaign Spotlight Page for more incredible work.

Simon Stock / Bentley


John Huet / Nike


Saverio Truglia / Orbitz Travel


John Myers / Donate Life


Michael Prince / Children’s Hospital of Atlanta


David Emmite / Heather Henson Productions


Andy Batt / Portland Monthly Magazine


Robb Aaron Gordon / Four Seasons Residence Club Los Angeles


Caterina Bernardi: Picturesque for Pasolivo

Photographer Caterina Bernadi transports us yet again to another magical location in this shoot for Pasolivo Olive Oil.

The concept – to convey that feeling of entering a mysterious, magical place where one longs to go for the reason – the olive oil.

While shooting, Caterina got to meet the head of production at Pasolivo, a man named Catalino, who personally planted all of the olive oil groves over 30 years.

Caterina says,

“This assignment reflected one of the best qualities that makes photography so special to me, the opportunity to meet interesting and extraordinary people and the experience of discovering new things.”

Check out Caterina’s blog post about the shoot.


Dancing in the field at sunset © Caterina Bernardi



Pasolivo tasting room entrance © Caterina Bernardi



Beautiful stunt model Lauren Shaw on the swing in the oak tree © Caterina Bernardi



Twilight supper in the olive orchards © Caterina Bernardi



Glamping under the magical oak trees © Caterina Bernardi

Caterina Bernardi is represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative.

Michael Nager: We Dream We Do

Renowned commercial photographer Michael Nager recently teamed up with agency FCB to shoot client Aramark’s We Dream We Do campaign.

Michael created a series of images alongside Art Director Kristin Haley and Art Producer Laura Laube.



Michael Nager

You can explore more work from Michael Nager directly through his AtEdge Portfolio.

He is represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative.