Campaign Spotlight: Beth Perkins for Ommegang Brewery

Photographer Beth Perkins is a Texas transplant who’s been living in New York City for the last 25 years. From Nike to Volkswagen to Bank of America, she’s worked with all sorts of clients over the years. According to Perkins, she draws inspiration from her personal experiences as well as the community around her.

Her most recent project was a series of photo’s for New York’s Ommegang Brewery. The brewery itself was built in Cooperstown in 1997 on 136 acres of land, all of which used to be a hop farm, making it the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over a hundred years. Perkins got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Ommegang and photograph both the companies product and the day to day workings of the brewery. She was also lucky enough to sample some of the companies finest brews.

To see more of Perkins work, be sure to visit her AtEdge Portfolio page as well as her website.

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How to Make a Splash: Behind the Scenes with Liquid Photographer Bill Cahill

Bill Cahill has taken the concept of making a splash with his work quite literally. As a highly specialized liquid & product photographer, he has the technical and conceptual expertise required to create tabletop imagery that is as dynamic as it is graceful.

His latest work continues to exemplify his immense skill. Bill recently shot a series of colorful images with advertising agency StrawberryFrog for client HeadOn. In this behind-the-scenes video, Bill gives you a front-row look at the techniques and processes he uses.

Watch the video below:

Here are the finished images:


Great job Bill!

Bill Cahill is represented by JK& Artists. You can view more his commercial work through his AtEdge Portfolio and Website.

Erik Almas for Høie of Scandinavia

Erik Almas just wrapped up a beautiful shoot in the picturesque country of Norway.

A collaboration with advertising agency HK , the goal was to create “spaces to dream within” for Norwegian bedding company Høie of Scandinavia.

From Erik’s blog:

For us it was textures. Having our models wander through tall grass, being enveloped in low laying fog. This we hoped would create intimacy in an airy and dreamy setting while still making sure the images came across Scandinavian in nature and feel.

Here are some of the gorgeous images, along with an awesome behind-the-scenes video. Enjoy!


Copyright Erik Almas



Copyright Erik Almas



Copyright Erik Almas



Copyright Erik Almas



Copyright Erik Almas