PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Honors Markku Lahdesmaki’s Recent Projects

Markku Lahdesmaki was selected in the 2016 Px3 Awards for two of his recent personal series that were shot last year.

The first project, YuccaLand, features images of the beautiful Coachella Valley as it’s longstanding stories in art and song show a colorful community set against the serene backdrop of the Valley.

The second project featured a series of biker portraits that were shot in central Chile during a campaign for Mountain Dew.

Markku is represented by Brite Productions. Take a look at more of Markku’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

Lennette Newell: CATiTUDE

Lennette Newell was chosen as a winner for American Photography 32 in the Self-Promotion category for her project, CATiTUDE.

This year’s distinguished jury included: Anna Goldwater Alexander, Director of Photography at WIRED; Sarah Filippi, Director of Photography at Fast Company; Genevieve Fussell, Senior Photo Editor at The New Yorker; Kelli Grant, Photo Editor at Yahoo News; Jennifer Miller, Photo Director at Condé Nast Traveler; Florence Nash, Associate Photo Editor at People and Emily Shornick, Associate Photo Art Directory at Tory Burch.

Lennette adds about the project:

“Cats are innately good actors exhibiting a wide range of emotions in a way that allows us to relate to them. Minimalist staging enhances the feline solo performance that is both comedy and drama.”

Lennette is represented by Elizabeth Poje. See more work from Lennette through her AtEdge portfolio and at

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

©Lennette Newell

Patriot Guard Riders Series by Rick Wenner Included in 2015 PDN Faces Competition

We’re excited to share that Rick Wenner‘s series Patriot Guard Riders has been chosen as a winner in this year’s Faces Competition from PDN.

The Patriot Guard Riders project was created in honor of Wenner’s cousin, Sgt. Ryan Dickinson, who was killed at Fort Hood, Texas. The PGR are a national organization of American patriots who welcome home soldiers and escort funeral services for enlisted and retired military.

See the full project here.


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner


Patriot Guard Riders, Rick Wenner

Christopher Wilson’s Haunting Portrait of Blind Soldier Included in Newest Graphis Book

Christopher Wilson’s haunting portrait of a solider tragically blinded in an horrific bomb explosion has been selected for inclusion into Graphis’ newest book, Social & Political Protest Posters.

The subjects confronted in this book include anti-war, anti-violence, the environment, disasters, human rights, health, and politics. There are also statements from numerous historic figures, such as Jefferson, Adams, Gandhi, Mandela and Eisenhower. This book presents the power and voice of the poster. – Graphis

Check out the image below. Congratulations Christopher!


(Via Candace Gelman)

Chosen: American Photography 30

AtEdge photographers are well represented in the latest American Photography Annual.

15 photographers were chosen with several people having two photos featured.

Congratulations everyone!


Erik Almås


Model: Sarah Parker (Next Model Agency). Leila Hafzi Collection. Part of a series created for fashion designer Leila Hafzi. Shot in Nepal 2013.



KC Armstrong


Hockey Night In Canada


Todd Baxter



Fredrik Broden




Fredrik Broden


1814 Magazine


Chris Buck


Photograph by Chris Buck of The President of the United States, Barack Obama.


Chris Crisman


King penguin photographed at Sea World in San Antonio Texas as part of a San Antonio tourism campaign with Proof Advertising.


Chris Crisman


Aerial photo, Escalante Utah. Above Escalante.Aerial photograph of canyon shot from above Escalante Utah for Nature Conservancy Magazine. Nature Conservancy


Andreas Franke [Staudinger + Franke]




Chris Frazer-Smith


A personal shot from an ongoing personal project looking at the complex and chaotic shapes that make up human existence.


Chris Frazer-Smith


One of three a shots taken for a UK charity raising awareness about “drink drivers”


Jamie Kripke


High Plains Raceway, CO. 24 Hours of Lemons. The 24 Hours of Lemons is an endurance race for cars that cost less than $500. The two day event is a self-proclaimed “breeding ground for morons, where a Pinto and a Maserati battle to lap a Le Car” and is a strange mix of NASCAR, MacGyver, Burning Man, and The Salvation Army.


Jamie Kripke


Snowmass, CO. The Cirque Poma. People riding the Cirque Poma to the top of Snowmass Ski Area, which tops out at 12,510 feet, making it the tallest ski resort in the United States.


Casey Rodgers


Bryan Cranston. 100 Most Creative People in Business. Assigned to shoot a three page cover for Fast Company for their 100 Most Creative People in Business issue. This was one of the subjects, Bryan Cranston, who we photographed in a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fast Company


Embry Rucker



Christian Schmidt


Places. When the fog comes. Personal gallery work and landscape project.


Guido Vitti


The November Project. “Hugs, Sweat & Cheers” . One of a series about a grassroots workout group based in Boston, MA. Runner’s World Magazine


Mark Wiens


Soccer Shoe. Promotional image created for use in portfolio and for online and print advertising.



James Worrell


Found Objects. FLAT SHIT. Flat Shit is nothing more than a curated study of objects from a throwaway culture. Some of these objects have exquisite beauty and some are just trash, depending on one’s point of view. Regardless, I keep looking and shooting, and unfortunately there is no shortage of material. FLAT SHIT

PDN Photo Annual 2014

AtEdge would like to congratulate our photographers who received recognition in the PDN Photo Annual 2014!

Simon Harsent: Advertising

Ad agency: GPY&R Transport for NSW

Ad agency: GPY&R :: Dangers of fatigued driving.


Chris Gordaneer: Advertising

Ad Agency: Proximity Canada #WEAREWINTER Canadian Olympic Team

Ad Agency: Proximity Canada :: Canadian Olympic Team


RJ Muna: Advertising

Agency: In-house Campaign for Alonzo King's LINES ballet

Agency: In-house ::
Ad campaign for Alonzo King’s LINES ballet company.


Pat Molnar: Advertising

Ad agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald Detroit  USAA *note, different image from campaign appeared in pdn

Ad agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald Detroit :: USAA *Note, a different image from campaign appeared in PDN.


Taylor Castle: Advertising

Ad Agency: DDB Chicago  The Field Museum Chicago

Ad Agency: DDB Chicago ::
The Field Museum Chicago


Dan Saelinger: Magazine/Editorial

Editorial for The Atlantic

The Atlantic :: Companies creating healthier junk food.


Howard Schatz: Photo Books

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting

Caught in the Act: Actors Acting


David Emmite: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"Somebody's Kid"

“Somebody’s Kid”


Simon HarsentCorporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"The Beautiful Game" :: football stadiums

“The Beautiful Game”


Lennette Newell: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

Promotional image used by Lennette when she appeared on American's Next Top Model

Promotional image used by Lennette when she was a photographer on American’s Next Top Model.


Maxine Helfman: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

"Historical Correction"

“Historical Correction”


Michael Lewis: Corporate Design/Photo Products/Self-Promo Pieces

Self-Portrait, on the set

Self-Portrait, on the set


Tim Tadder: Stock Photography

"Peak-Action Soccer" for Corbis

Corbis Images: “Peak-Action Soccer” for World Cup


Jonathan Chapman: Stock Photography

"Highway 1"

“Highway 1”


Francesco Tonelli: Websites ::

Food Photography

Food Photography


Dwight Eschliman: Websites :: Bicycle San Francisco

Dwight Eschliman's Bicycle San Francisco page

Product Photography