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Remembering a Bygone Era: Nostalgia By Mauricio Candela

Times have changed. A lot. There have been more scientific and technological advancements in the last century than in any century before it. And of course, with all those changes have come a whole lot of drawbacks. After all, advancement rarely comes without its own set of consequences.

It’s been over fifty years since Bob Dylan recorded “The Times They Are a-Changin,'” and even he probably would never have guessed how much more things would change in his lifetime.

Mauricio Candela Nostalgia

Photographer Mauricio Candela’s latest series, Nostalgia, focuses on how times have changed for children in particular. His photographs bring us back to a time before smartphones and the internet. Before kids had to worry about social media and having the latest gadgetry. As he puts it, “imaginations are now at the mercy of tablets and dictated by smartphones and video game consoles.” Nostalgia is all about remembering a time when childhood meant simpler times and an abundance of innocence.

You can see more of Nostalgia below, including the photographer’s own statement about the series.

For more of Candela’s work, visit his official AtEdge page.

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All Images © Mauricio Candela

Photographer’s Note

Nostalgia by Mauricio Candela.
What once was childhood.

Childhood and the Nostalgia of it have a curious relationship.
It’s not something that children are conscious of, but as adults, it plays a big part as a reference in their lives.

Remembering our own childhood conjures up images and thoughts of a seemingly simpler, easier time.

When we see today’s children surrounded by technology, it seems as if their own imaginations are now at the mercy of tablets and dictated by smartphones and video games consoles.

Almost like a still silent scream, these photographs are presented to remind us that innocence, simplicity and creativity are the foundations of any childhood. Having any of these elements in our past is what makes the nostalgia for them so strong in present times.

This artwork shows the reality of a child. We can clearly experience a “feeling” in viewing it. It acts almost like a warning to the inner adult carried inside. It’s a reminder that any childhood flourishes by such very basic, simple things within a nurturing environment.

It will serve as a safety net or foundation. By enabling this context, they’ll be armed at defending themselves from the assault of today’s world and its technological tsunami.

The process of creating these images was done over a long and slow timetable. It took almost a year to find all the ideal characters to reflect the meaning of what I wanted to impart in the artwork. Using neutral color palettes and staging each scene organically, without makeup or tricks, without over-producing them.



Five of the Best Underwater Photographers in AtEdge

Underwater photography is a dream for many professionals. It isn’t always easy, but it often results in some of the most breathtaking images you’ll ever see. The AtEdge community is full of incredible underwater photographers with unbelievable talent and style.

Take photographer David Martinez for example. He’s a globetrotting photographer with a passion for the surf and the sea. According to him, “he’s just as comfortable with a huge production crew as he is alone on his surfboard with his underwater camera.”

Then there’s photographer Christopher Wilson. A former writer, art director and designer, Wilson found his passion for photography after spending 15 years in the advertising world. His underwater portraits have a very distinct feel to them. The endlessness of the water surrounding his subjects creates something that feels both intimate and ominous.

Embry Rucker‘s passion for communicating the human narrative is clearly visible in his underwater photography.

The subjects of Hollis Bennett‘s underwater photography are a bit fishier than most, which makes sense for a man who grew up in Knoxville, loves the outdoors and has lived on three different coasts.

Lastly, we have one of the most talented underwater photographer’s around, Dana Neibert. There’s a lot more to his portfolio than just underwater photography, but don’t let that fool you. Some of his ocean shots are the most stunningly beautiful photos we’ve seen.

thalassophobia thalassophobia thalassophobia

Check out the “Underwater” section of the AtEdge website to see even more spectacular shots from these photographers and more.

Spotlight on Jason Elias

It’s not every day that a commercial photographer gets commissioned by Discovery Channel to shoot promo work for their most important week, Shark Week.

The fact that they trusted Jason Elias to execute their concept speaks volumes about the type of work in Jason’s portfolio. His photographs span multiple forms such as lifestyle, portrait, and travel but his images all have one thing in common: they have the ability to enthrall the viewer.

His work for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, as well as his recent portraits of Seal and Eli Roth, do just that by capturing each subject in a way that seizes attention.

Browse through more of Jason’s collection of work through his AtEdge portfolio and his website.

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

©Jason Elias

11 Photographers Who Are Steering the Automotive Industry

Featured image: ©Wilson Hennessy

There’s no shortage of imagery in the automotive industry but producing unique car photography is no easy task.

Check out these 11 AtEdge photographers that deserve recognition for taking their work in automotive photography up a notch.

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Photographer on the Move: A Spotlight on Nick Hall

Known for his captivating panoramic landscapes & lifestyle imagery, Nick Hall has made a name for himself as an adventure photographer & cinematographer. His work for brands like The Nature Conservancy, Canon, Patagonia, and Thule has taken him all over the world to document impressive landscapes and the communities that live beside them.

Nick’s fascinating photography has earned him several features in Photographers Worldwide, PDN Photo Annual, and many other publications. His work has also garnered several awards.His work has also garnered several awards. He is a recent recipient of four silver awards in the 2017 Graphis Photography Annual.

Nick is represented by Greenhouse Reps. Browse through Nick’s collection through his AtEdge portfolio and his website.

©Nick Hall | Part of the Colorado River series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Mongolian Steppe series

©Nick Hall | Part of the France series

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall | Part of the Mongolia series

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall | Part of the Scotland series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Sealline Canoe series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Patagonia series





Claudio Napolitano for Sony Pictures & Televisa

Sony Pictures & Televisa enlisted the help of Claudio Napolitano to create advertising imagery for their new show, The Blue Demon.

Claudio is represented by Doug Truppe. Browse through more of his work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

©Claudio Napolitano

Russ Quackenbush for Cirque Du Soleil’s “Locals” Campaign

Russ Quackenbush‘s latest advertising work found him alongside Young & Rubicam for Cirque Du Soleil’s new campaign, “Locals”.

Nathalie Brown, VP/Group Creative Director at Y&R, elaborated on the concept she created: “We wanted to represent the multiple sides of these artists, as amazing Cirque performers from some of the greatest shows in the world, but also as everyday Las Vegas residents.”

With the goal in mind, Russ produced three 15-second clips along with imagery used for the outdoor, digital and print ads.

Nathalie continued: “The ads bring to life their extraordinary feats in contrast to their everyday errands, and really highlights the personality of Cirque du Soleil.”

Russ is represented by Eason Management. View more of his work through his AtEdge portfolio and website.

Spotlight on Damián Siqueiros, the Visual Artist

Montreal-based image maker Damián Siqueiros prides himself on pushing the boundaries between art & photography in a way that transcends reality. His body of work is more than a collection of images. Each individual image that he produces elicits conversation and evokes strong emotion. So much so that the first time Susan Baraz, AtEdge’s Director of Photography, came face to face with Damián’s work, the words that came to her mind were “gorgeous,” “inspiring” and “visually transporting.”

In both his commercial and collaborative work, Damián puts immense effort into every detail — from art direction and stage design to make-up and styling.  This multi-disciplinary approach helps clients like Vogue Mexico, Elle Mexico, Ford, Les Grands Ballets Canadien, and Porrua bookstore find a visual voice and make an emotional connection with their audiences. We think he is one of the most photographically compelling artists working today!

©Damián Siqueiros

©Damián Siqueiros

©Damián Siqueiros

©Damián Siqueiros

©Damián Siqueiros

©Damián Siqueiros

Find more of his compelling work through his AtEdge portfolio and website.


Paul Aresu (represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative) teamed up with Klay Thompson, an NBA player for Golden State Warriors, for a BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign.

Check out the BTS video from the campaign below and take a look at Paul’s AtEdge portfolio and site for more sports & lifestyle photography.