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Microview 54 Just Released!

Featured Image: ©Chris Gordaneer

Microview is back with its 54th issue, now making its way to the desks of creatives all over the globe!

The edition’s chilling cover was produced by Chris Gordaneer. Chris’ portfolio is filled with energetic, atmospheric images that give off a feeling of intimacy. His work for brands like MasterCard, Honda, Bosch Appliances, has taken him all over the world and has earned him over 100 awards in the past 12 years.

Inside this new release, you’ll find over 300 pages of remarkable images from a group of unique commercial photographers invited into our exclusive program for their unconventional vision.

Browse through the full 300+ pages of Microview 54 now.

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Here are a few sample pages from Microview 54:

Microview 50 is Out Now

Featured Image: ©Matthew Turley 

Microview 50 is here! The book is jam-packed with 200+ pages of extraordinary images from an exclusive group of commercial photographers.  The cover is an exceptional image by Matthew Turley.

AtEdge publications are distributed to a select group of creative buyers 5 times a year. See if you qualify for a free copy here.

About Matthew Turley
As a commercial photographer, Matthew has gained over two decades worth of experience working with big names such as Home Depot, Chevron, Chrysler, RAM, & Biltmore. Throughout his career, Matthew’s work has been recognized for international awards including CA and PDN. He is represented by Marianne Campbell Associates.

See more of Matthew’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

Here are a few examples of images you’ll find in Microview 50:


The Perfect Little Book: Microview 46

Featured  Image: “Owl Scout” © Todd Baxter

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Often referred to as “Those Perfect Little Books”, the popular AtEdge Microviews are a primary resource for busy creatives who are looking for new work from the world’s finest commercial photographers.

Microview 46 is being distributed coast to coast in March, with cover image by Todd Baxter and over 300 pages of breathtaking visuals.

“AtEdge books are on my desk all the time. You can flip through them quickly and know that all the talent will be strong.” Sara Clark, Sr. Art Producer, TBWA\media arts lab

Here are a few of the interior pages:



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