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Campaign Spotlight: Glen Wexler for Nokia

Glen Wexler is a photographer and director best known for his elaborately staged digital photocompositions of improbable situations.

At 22 years old Wexler photographed his first album cover for Quincy Jones Production while a student at Art Center College of Design. He quickly gained a reputation for the imaginative photo illustrations he created for Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Rush, Black Sabbath, Yes, ZZ Top and many others.  Nowadays his clients include Epson, Acura, Sony, Jeep, Maxell, Adobe, Intel, Coca-Cola, Capital One, Toyota, Pepsi, Warner Brothers Pictures and hundreds of others.

Internationally recognized as one of the original artists to incorporate digital imaging technology into the creative process, Wexler is widely regarded as a leader in the field. Perhaps this is why Nokia saw him as the perfect fit for their Ozo ad campaign.

Ozo is the name of Nokia’s stereoscopic 360-degree 3D camera and the titular name of the hardware and software that can accompany the camera. Wexler’s long-time immersion in the digital imaging community made him the perfect person to show off this new technology. He did individual campaigns for OZO VR ProductionOZO Live Broadcast and OZO 360º Spatial Audio. You can see highlights from all three campaigns below.

To see more work from Glen Wexler, check out his Atedge portfolio or his website.

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Creative Showcase: The Best of Sports Photography

Photographing athletes is a dream for many professionals, but it isn’t an easy thing to do. Sports Photography comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are actions shots and promos, gritty pictures and elegant close-ups. The world of sports photography is as diverse as sports themselves.

Sports photography is often a lightning fast process and knowledge of the game can go a long way to getting that perfect shot. Being able to predict where an athlete is going to be or what he or she is going to do before they do it ensures you don’t miss out on what’s coming next. You need impeccable timing, great equipment and a quick trigger finger to be a sports photographer and luckily we know more than a few people who check all those boxes.

Below are just a few of the best sports photographers we know. You can see all the sports photographers AtEdge has on its roster on our Specialties page.

Gary Land

Philip Haynes

Tom Hussey

Paul Aresu

Paola Marchesi

Kevin Arnold

Finn O’Hara

You can see more incredible Sports Photography here.




Artist Spotlight: Brian Kuhlmann

Photographer Brian Kuhlmann has been creating imagery that captivates, intrigues, and inspires for over 20 years. From small personal shoots to massive commercial campaigns, his focus is always on maintaining the integrity and quality of his images, regardless of the location or subject matter. Originally hailing from St. Louis, Kuhlmann now splits time between Chicago, Los Angeles, and where ever life and work take him.

Trying something different and unexpected has become a kind of trademark of Kuhlmann’s style. As a result, his images radiate passion, originality and energy which, combined with a narrative focus and a constantly evolving creativity, repeatedly attract clients of all types and sizes.

You can see more of Brian Kuhlmann’s work on hit AtEdge portfolio page or on his website.

All images © Brian Kuhlmann

Campaign Spotlight: Andy Mahr for Alpha Romeo

Photographer Andy Mahr was once art director and creative director Andy Mahr. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1994 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After that, Mahr earned a degree in Advertising Art Direction, this time from The Portfolio Center. Finally, there was 13 years of working as an art and creative director that preceded his eventual transition to photographer.

When you look at his photography, the framing in particular, it’s obvious that Mahr’s time in directorial roles has helped him develop a uniquely apt eye for framing and setting up shots. His photos manage to combine grit with a sharp elegance that brings the subjects to life, as if you’re seeing them with your own eyes, not through the lens of someone else.

Mahr is rep’d by Lesley Zahara and has done shoots for some of the biggest names in industry. Reebok, Chick-fil-A and the U.S. Marine Corps are just a few of his clients. Recently, Mahr photographed the Alfa Romeo Giulia for Alfa Romeo. You can see all the photos from that shoot below and to see more of Mahr, visit his AtEdge Portfolio.

Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo

All Images © Andy Mahr

Campaign Spotlight: Beth Perkins for Ommegang Brewery

Photographer Beth Perkins is a Texas transplant who’s been living in New York City for the last 25 years. From Nike to Volkswagen to Bank of America, she’s worked with all sorts of clients over the years. According to Perkins, she draws inspiration from her personal experiences as well as the community around her.

Her most recent project was a series of photo’s for New York’s Ommegang Brewery. The brewery itself was built in Cooperstown in 1997 on 136 acres of land, all of which used to be a hop farm, making it the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over a hundred years. Perkins got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Ommegang and photograph both the companies product and the day to day workings of the brewery. She was also lucky enough to sample some of the companies finest brews.

To see more of Perkins work, be sure to visit her AtEdge Portfolio page as well as her website.

Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery

Maxine Helfman Captures a Different Side of James Franco

Photographer Maxine Helfman recently had the opportunity to photograph James Franco the artist, not James Franco the actor. The shoot was for the New York magazine and the goal was to capture a different side of Franco.

You see, James Franco isn’t just an actor, he’s also a wildly hated artist. There are tons of articles all over the internet about why you should hate him and his art. He’s regularly slapped with labels like “poser” and “faker,” and the art world seems to love to hate him as a whole.

That’s where Helfman comes in. The feature article was about Franco sitting down and having a discussion with one of his biggest critics and Helfman was tasked with creating a cover image for the piece. According to New York photography director Jody Quon, Helfman “has a very vivid sense of photography and a painterly quality as well.” This is what led to the cover image being “van-Gogh-as-tortured-artist,” as Quon put it.

The end result of the campaign was a series of brilliant images that portray Franco in a delightfully new light.

To see more of Helfman’s work, check out her AtEdge portfolio.

Painted James Franco Kind of looks like a murderer James Franco James Van Gogh Franco

Markku Lahdesmaki Is Heating Up Vanity Fair

Finnish photographer Markku Lahdesmaki may have grown up in a place known for it’s cold weather, but now he’s bringing the heat to Vanity Fair. Lahdesmaki’s photos are front and center of a new piece in this August’s issue. “How Extreme Heat Could Leave Swaths Of The Planet Uninhabitable” focuses on extreme heat-waves in Death Valley and Kuwait and discusses how they could spell disaster for the future of our planet.

Lahdesmaki’s scorching images of the Death Valley landscape help to illustrate the kinds of extreme heat that can be hard to imagine for those who have never truly felt it.

Grab the August issue of Vanity fair to see the full article and more of Lahdesmaki’s work or check out the article online.

You can also see more of Markku Lahdesmaki’s photography and all his latest projects on his AtEdge profile page or on his website.

Microview 54 Just Released!

Featured Image: ©Chris Gordaneer

Microview is back with its 54th issue, now making its way to the desks of creatives all over the globe!

The edition’s chilling cover was produced by Chris Gordaneer. Chris’ portfolio is filled with energetic, atmospheric images that give off a feeling of intimacy. His work for brands like MasterCard, Honda, Bosch Appliances, has taken him all over the world and has earned him over 100 awards in the past 12 years.

Inside this new release, you’ll find over 300 pages of remarkable images from a group of unique commercial photographers invited into our exclusive program for their unconventional vision.

Browse through the full 300+ pages of Microview 54 now.

We hope you will reference AtEdge books & whenever you need to hire a truly distinctive photographer. Our publications are distributed 5 times a year. To be considered for distribution of our books, please click here.

Here are a few sample pages from Microview 54:

23 AtEdge Photographers in Communication Arts Photo Annual 57

Featured image: ©Christopher Griffith

This year’s Communication Arts Photography Annual is filled to the brim with AtEdge photographers and we couldn’t be more excited to see them get the recognition they deserve!

Congratulations to the 23 photographers that were handpicked by the exclusive group of judges for the most prestigious competition for creativity in photography.

Check out our winning photographers.

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Multimedia

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Category: Multimedia | “Dove Chocolate”

©Harold Lee Miller

©Harold Lee Miller | Category: Advertising | “Portrait of Josef Newgarden for 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500”

©Patrick Molnar

©Patrick Molnar | Category: Advertising |”REDLine Aerospace LLC”

©Paul Elledge

©Paul Elledge | Category: Advertising | “Joe Clay, Rockabilly Royalty”

©Richard Schultz

©Richard Schultz | Category: Advertising | “Dunira Estate”

©Russell Rutherford Group

©Russell + Rutherford | Category: Advertising | “Nutri Mexico Farms”

©Tyler Stableford

©Tyler Stableford | Category: Advertising | “Canon USA, The Farmers Series”

©Christopher Griffith

©Christopher Griffith | Category: Editorial | “Foot Soldiers”

©Jonathan Kambouris

©Jonathan Kambouris | Category: Editorial | “Ask Men’s Health”

©The Voorhes

©The Voorhes | Category: Editorial | “Drugstore Tank for ‘The Billionaire Behind Walgreen’s Quest for Dominance'”

©Chris Gordaneer

©Chris Gordaneer | Category: For Sale | “Morning Kayak”

©Morgan Silk

©Morgan Silk | Category: For Sale | “Saturn V Dynamic Test Vehicle”

©Tyler Gourley

©Tyler Gourley | Category: For Sale | “Waves”

©Andy Anderson

©Andy Anderson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Reindeer in Rut”

©Christopher Wilson

©Christopher Wilson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Alberta”

©Paolo Marchesi

©Paolo Marchesi | Category: Self-Promotion | “Fish Jump”

©Simon Harsent

©Simon Harsent | Category: Self-Promotion | “Hermann Nitsch”

©Stewart Cohen

©Stewart Cohen | Category: Self-Promotion | “Baby Beards”

©Beth Galton

©Beth Galton | Category: Unpublished | “Food Bouquet”

©David Emmite

©David Emmite | Category: Unpublished | “Book Club: Gone with the Wind”

©Dwight Eschliman

©Dwight Eschliman | Category: Unpublished | “Lake Shasta”

©Marc Tule

©Marc Tule | Category: Unpublished | “Pale Morning Dun”

©Sue Tallon

©Sue Tallon | Category: Unpublished | “Roots”

Microview 52 Now Available

We’re excited to share that Microview 52 is now on the desks of select creatives around the world.

Staying true to its predecessors, this book features compelling work from a unique group of commercial photographers including an outstanding cover image by award-winning photographer Bonnie Holland . Bonnie’s work is often described as vibrant, playful and wildly creative. She has more than 30 years of experience in the photography field as well as the vision, skill, and passion for creating magical work on a routine basis. With its’ original, optimistic and perfectly crafted point of view, her photography regularly attracts clients like Target, Benefit Cosmetics, BEBE, Coke & Philips and  more

Inside Microview 52, you’ll find innovative photography from the most talented advertising and editorial assignment photographers working today. Each photographer has been invited into our program because his or her work communicates a unique and independent vision.

Browse through the  full 300+ pages in Microview 52 now.

AtEdge publications are distributed 5 times a year. To be considered for distribution of our books, please click here. We hope you will reference AtEdge books & whenever you need to hire a truly innovative photographer.

Take a look at a few excerpts from Microview 52: