Steffen Schrägle Remembers the Late Architect Oscar Niemeyer

Steffen Schrägle posted some striking shots of the late Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer‘s work on his Facebook page. Niemeyer’s modern and innovative buildings are the perfect subject for Schrägle, who was influenced by his contemporary style. The photos were accompanied by the following tribute from Schrägle:

“Some Facebook followers asked to show some of the shots I did of Oscar Niemeyer´s work. His style influenced a lot my passion for architecture and especially his energy and will to bring his architecture to people, that have not such access to all these places all over the world. A few years ago the Favela da Rocinha got a new pedestrian bridge to integrate it more into Rio. And that fascinates me: the connection he could create with his architecture: Over many years, all over the world. Unfortunately, he died a week ago.”

More of these shots can be found here.

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