Life can feel bleak and depressing at times. We get angered by politics, saddened by the news, discouraged because of jobs or relationships. Sometimes it can feel like we’re all just drowning in a sea of dreary. But it isn’t all bad. Dogs tug on their leashes just because they want to say hi to us. People flock to natural disaster zones just to help those in need. Artists of all kinds create beautiful things everyday. And people tell jokes and smile.

Like life, photography is so often gritty and intense, but there’s another side as well, one that often gets overlooked.

Humorous photography is hard to do. It isn’t the same as telling a joke or writing a comic strip. A photographer only has a split second to make someone laugh or smile. There is no punchline, no build up. There’s just a picture, and it’s either humorous or it isn’t. Plus, like so many things in life, humor is subjective. One person’s funny is another’s eye roll. And we aren’t talking about memes and lucky timing here. Professional humorous photography is all about meticulous planning and forethought. It’s intentional and, when executed properly, it’s invaluable.

Below are just a few of the photographers and images in the AtEdge humor section.

Ethan Pines

Jacob Watts

Zack Seckler


Tim Tadder

Hunter Freeman

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