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Southwest The Magazine If you don’t read the in-flight…

Southwest The Magazine If you don’t read the in-flight…

By |October 19th, 2016|Categories: Syndicated Content|

Southwest The Magazine 

If you don’t read the in-flight magazines, you’re missing out. And I don’t just say that because I recently photographed the cover story for Southwest Airlines’ Southwest the Magazine. You’ll be missing the opportunity to read about the incredible story of Derek Amato, one of a rare group of acquired or sudden savants – someone who survives a traumatic brain injury and emerges with an extreme talent.

Derek Amato dove into the shallow end of a pool at a party. After being diagnosed with a severe concussion and resting for 5 days, he woke up with an unquenchable urge to play the piano. He doesn’t even read music, but the most complex and intricate works – spanning all genres – now flow from his fingertips.

What I love about this story is our ability to still be wowed, that there are still mysteries in our minds and our humanity.

“Amato feels like as a sudden savant, he can stand for something more than just the music. He is an example of what we all could be. ‘It’s not that I understand human potential any better than anyone else,’ he says. ‘I just understand that there is so much more of it than we know.’â€

It was an honor to be trusted with this story and I was super excited when I heard about the opportunity.  Then I just had to figure out how to pull it off…Kevin de Miranda, creative director at Pace Communications, came to me with the conceptual idea of Derek playing the piano at the bottom of a pool.  Though I had only photographed one underwater image once before, I loved the idea of creating something ethereal & beautiful.  It was a bit of challenge logistically as well as technically but Derek was amazing throughout – as generous with his time and energy as he is with his story and his music. He was up for anything and ready for the underwater adventure.