Some wild hair inspirations and more exposure for THE COVEN

Disconnect Magazine is described as “Hong Kong’s essential hairdressing magazine”, Their inspiring Aug/Sep issue features amazing work from around the globe including that of photographer Bob Packert and NAHA finalist Michael Albor.

Disconnect’s use of the imagery is on the ever growing list of creative sources throughout the world giving THE COVEN never ending exposure.

We first presented this collaboration back in February and due to the impressive amount of international circulation, here’s a re-cap of the project and amazing creative team:

The Coven Collaboration

THE COVEN is a culmination of Bob Packert’s desire to push his art to the next level. This most recent project was inspired by the idea of an opulent Victorian Cult, with a mix of black magic, high fashion, and rock n’ roll. What evolved is a showcase of leading edge hair styling by Michael Albor, owner of The Loft Salon and Spa for his next North American Hair Awards submission. (AUG 2010 update, Albor was one of the top five finalists in the category of Master Stylist)

A collection of 20 different portraits, the series was created over several days of shooting at Packert Photography. The authenticity of the project was carried through every element from Michael’s whimsical hair concepts and Mariogla Pantazopoulos striking make-up artistry through edgy wardrobe by Rina Stenis, and amazingly creative props + set design by Jennifer Dunlea.

Completing the collaborative team, Mark Sylvester of Interrobang Design acted as Art Director during the shoot, and provided design and copywriting for the booklet/postcard project. Packert and Interrobang have worked together for more than a decade on client and personal projects for their respective studios and joint clientele.

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