The end of 2013 saw the emergence of a new study by Simon Harsent. The series, White Cube, was displayed at The Pool Collective Redux exhibition at The Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

From Simon’s website:

In White Cube, Simon Harsent focuses our thoughts through the use of austere and deceptively simple surroundings. The titular object – the cube, becomes a plinth, used as is. A lack, rather than a lick, of paint lends an air of spontaneity to these exquisitely studied images which toy with our assumptions about permanence and change.

In his own words: “I’m interested in how, by keeping a camera in a locked position, a single element in a photograph can change perception, ideas and assumptions.”

The objects were chosen not solely on their aesthetic qualities, but also for their narrative potential – the hidden stories that the audience can project on to them. In doing so, Harsent has created a rhythm to the work that guides us through without spoon-feeding meaning. To get the most out of this collection, we are required – compelled – to engage.

What hidden stories does White Cube tell you?





You can view more of White Cube on Simon’s website . For more of his commercial work, browse through his AtEdge portfolio.