Shooting Motion

It’s interesting lately.  The majority of the jobs that I have been shooting recently have some sort of video/motion component to it.  Shooting video for the web or mobile media should be more than just flipping the switch on your DSLR to video mode.  I like to push the creativity.  Give the audience something that isn’t expected.  We see so many images on a daily basis I want to do something that makes you stop.  And look.

I love light.  The right light evokes emotion.  I was honored to be hired to shoot the very first animated iPad piece for Reader’s Digest.  They have launched their iPad app this month.  The iPad is a giant leap for traditional publishing and Reader’s Digest has done a great job embracing the technology.  The intro to their app that I shot is actually all stills.  Individually lit, treated, animated together, and set into motion.  I am able to control the light and the quality of each individual image to give it a stylized look.

I knew the iPad was going to make changes in the way we do things and working with the team at Reader’s Digest helped me to further understand the power of creativity of this relatively new media outlet.  I feel like we are just now starting to embrace the reach of mobil media.  I am excited about it and the endless possibilities for the creativity.

Animated short by Tom Hussey


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