She’s Lost Control I’m regularly encouraging my…

She’s Lost Control
I’m regularly encouraging my...

She’s Lost Control

I’m regularly encouraging my editorial clients to come to me with real people stories that have a surprising twist, or a curious dark side – I want the opportunity to go “full Chris Buck” on them. Real Simple provided just such a story recently, with fantastic results.

The magazine asked their readers about control issues (perfect for Real Simple!) and Julie Padavic of Springfield, Illinois came back with an amazing story of obsessive organization and cleanliness. When Casey Tierney and Brian Madigan approached me to shoot this I was on the fence as I was already very busy, but the text Julie had submitted to them was not only smart and self-aware, but also funny and inspiring. I was now looking forward to spending the day with her.

Both Julie and her husband David turned out to be great subjects, and for someone with major control issues pretty damn cooperative. It’s a challenge for any sitter to have someone come into their home with a crew and gear and boss them around all day, but for someone who likes things “just right” I’m sure that it was a unique test. 

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