Shelley Sanders for Fast Company Magazine

I was tapped by Fast Company to head to Portland and shoot Shelley Schoepflin Sanders at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center for their current issue.

As with most folks FC’s highlighting, she’s like a jedi in her area of practice – this time in the way of developing a system to better monitor vital signs while one’s in the hospital.

Many areas of the medical center were under construction, so the job was proving to be logistically challenging. However, in an 11th hour move – and after I’d pretty much agreed on something else with my photo editor – I walked down the hall and found this empty post-op room just waiting for us (outtakes below).

A few iPhone pics later, and we were shooting the above.

We even managed to duck into these nifty sleeping quarters that the residents use in an effort to rebound from the many straight hours of life-saving work.

Many thanks to Shelley, FC and my buddy Patrick Wheaton for lending a hand.

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