roll with it

Sharon White has had great success photographing food of the most complex nature for her clients, but what happens when you want to simplify the elements of sushi? One of the most artful foods on the planet.

With creative direction provided by Bob Parsons, a most simple concept developed into a striking spread. We talked with Bob about his thoughts on the the project: “Sushi, I think, is an extremely hard food to shoot successfully. And, because we always strive for beautiful food photography in Northshore magazine, I wanted to take a different approach to shooting sushi for a Best Sushi Restaurants article. I figured that looking at the ingredients, all of which are beautiful, and shooting them each separately (as opposed to the finished rolls) allowed us a greater chance of success. Sharon picked up on this concept immediately and was able to visually translate this idea to her images. I think the results are tremendously powerful and alluring.”

The result was definitely “powerful and alluring”. We particularly love the play of color, geometry and the abstract relation between the elements.

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