Richard Tait for Seattle Met Magazine

My countdown to UAE and BVI is now at two days! Before I head out on that project, I wanted to write about my day spent photographing Richard Tait for Seattle Met Magazine.

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because he’s the guy that created Cranium, the board game that has you hum, draw, sculpt and charade your way through.

Now the guy behind Boomboom Brands and an energy drink called Golazo, he’s a clever guy and one of the more exploratory and “willing to go there” portrait subjects I’ve had the good fortune of shooting lately.

The term “golazo” is an expression Spanish-speaking circles use to describe the most amazing goal (think bicycle kick by a unicorn) ever seen/witnessed/made during a soccer match.

The image below is only an approximation of how incredibly passionate Richard is for soccer and it’s culture, and I think his energy drink is aptly named.

This project went so incredibly smooth! It was helped by the fact that I had an amazing crew that day in addition to a super chill and down-to-earth portrait subject.

To give folks an idea of what I mean, thought it be fun to debut a video project my colleague Dylan Priest shot that day. It’s about a minute and a half and shows the crew and Richard hanging out, having fun and taking pictures.

It’s embedded below, so if you don’t see it check it out on Vimeo here.

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