Q & A with Moxie (aka the Center of the Universe)

Meet Moxie: the heart and soul of Annabelle Breakey Photography. You know what they say, behind every great woman is a great dog. After celebrating her 11th birthday last week, it seemed like the moment to capture some of her wisdom and celebrate her hard work here at ABP.


What do you do for inspiration?   I am the inspiration.

Favorite restaurant in your city and/or on the planet?   I am a big fan of the carnitas at Tacolicious in the Mission. Would be a bigger fan if there were a giblet taco on the menu.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?   Giblets.

Biggest perk of the job?   Hello, Giblets.

Any lofty goals?   Both bipeds giving me a massage at the same time & feeding me giblets while they’re at it.


One thing that you do for the planet?   Add additional centripetal force.

Most embarrassing professional moment?   Sometimes I wiggle out of my pants and accidents happen.

Giblets or Foie Gras?   I don’t usually have to choose. This is a trick question, right?

What is a talent that people might not guess that you have?   Inspiring humans to give lengthy massages.

Favorite accessory?   Tough call. Gwen Gear Treat Pink Harness or giblets.

Do you have an inspirational Ah Ha moment that changed the course of your career or Life?   Realizing that everyone needs a pug.

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