Daymion Mardel is a renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer hailing from England. One could say his affinity for art developed around age ten when his parents took him out of school to explore museums and galleries around Western Europe, but Daymion swears it was “in his blood” all along.

A year later, he relocated to Boston, Massachusetts where he spent the latter part of his life. He graduated from he University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in family studies and subsequently enrolled at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

He left Brooks Institute after his third year, when Richard Avedon offered him a full-time assistant position with his studio, where he worked closely with Avedon until his passing in 2004.

Daymion now resides in New York City where he continues working as a freelance photographers. He has shot for some of the most prominent names in fashion including: Vogue, Ann Taylor, Coach, J Crew and more.





More of his commercial work can be seen through his AtEdge Portfolio and Website.

He is represented by Ray Brown Productions.