Paul Nicklen // PRI’s The World

Recent recipient of the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, Paul Nicklen, recently sat down with PRI’s Marco Werman for an interesting interview that touched base on power of the photographic medium that is often overlooked.

“I used to be a scientist, I’m a biologist by training, and I love biology and I love photography. But I felt helpless as a biologist. Biology wasn’t allowing me to communicate. We would go out and tag so many polar bears and come back with data sheets, and we were ineffective. So I thought, if I could only bridge the gap between good science, important science, and the public by using photography to tell a story that will really resonate with people.”

Hear the full interview below :

You can see more of what Paul has to say from his 2011 TED Talk

Tales of ice bound wonderlands


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