Out To Lunch // East Borough, Culver City

It has been a weekly tradition here at the agency to take a “semi” long lunch on Friday and treat ourselves to one of the unique restaurants here in LA, or whatever city we find ourselves toting our portfolios around. We have taken this encyclopedia of geographical taste and applied it tow our blog posts in the past, offering suggestions in our To Attend or Hidden Gem series. But to be honest… we want an excuse to go out and eat more… so we would like to take you, “Out To Lunch.” First up, East Borough Culver City.


Let me begin by saying, for all of you Alhambra loving, Monterey Park trekking, “it’s not real asian food unless there in a number in the name and a C in the window” foodies,  East Borough is not for you. But if you are going to enjoy a quick, delicious, asian infused lunch (or dinner, we went back a few times) it is a great place. The flavors lean more toward bold traditional rather then watered down fusion. We’re talking tamarind glazed shrimp, star anise braised pork belly, and ginger jasmine rice. (Unfortunately the shrimp is only on the dinner menu.)

For you “its not lunch unless it comes in sandwich form,” the Pho Bánh Mi is the way to go… three words… hoisin sriracha aioli.  It might be a little hard coughing up double digit prices of Bánh Mi, 13 dollars, but once in a while you have to treat yourself. The Belly and Egg is a must try though, because everything with a sunny side up egg is awesome. And the omelet style Banh Xeo is a close second. If you are a little hungry, order the Banh Xeo for appetizer and split it.

It’s lunch time, so you won’t be drinking. Luckily they have an excellent array of non alcoholic refreshers like the Pineapple Basil Soda and the Ginger Limeade, both refreshing and not too sweet. If you ARE drinking, order a Saigon Soda and give us a call.  We’ll be right there!

Out To Lunch // East Borough, Culver City

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