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On Location for New Balance Women

On Location for New Balance Women

By |October 8th, 2015|Categories: Syndicated Content|

We were out at it again with New Balance for Women recently, shooting the next editions of the recently launched catalog aimed directly at active women on the go! LAP and team traveled to Austin, TX and the far end of Long Island, Montauk, NY for a 6 days of shooting on location, and Chris met up with the New Balance team to shoot in San Francisco at Sandbox Studio to shoot on body shots to finish off the production.

We worked with another great team put together by  New Balance Producer Kit Williams, and Liz Long of Aspen Prodcutions. Creative direction from Norma Delaney and Beth Neesen was as strong as ever, with additional help from new to the team, art director Ashley Bedell. Many thanks to all the talents and support as well, models, stylists, assistants, PA’s and more, all rocked it throughout all locations, making the job fun and rewarding!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the current catalog, available in New Balance stores around the country, or possibly in your own mailbox!