The Inspiration Clan showcased Luminous  on their website profiling 4 projects.

Project 1, Caramel Loves Chocolate is a personal project they’ve been working on. It’s about fluid dynamics, about color, about taste…about chocolate and caramel in a loving embrace.

Lightmap also showcased this delicious imagery on their blog and the home page of their website.

  News:  Luminous Creative ImagingNews:  Luminous Creative Imaging  News:  Luminous Creative Imaging

Project 2, De Persgroep was a fun project in collaboration with photographer Jaap Vliengenthart.  Wonderful images with creative retouching.News:  Luminous Creative Imaging

News:  Luminous Creative Imaging

Project 3,  Lake Avenue in collaboration with photographer Cade Martin.  Martin photographed the house on the island in this beautiful vista.  Luminous created the extra elements – the pontoon plane, the docks and the porch in CG.

News:  Luminous Creative Imaging

Project 4, Luminous working with TAG Media in Canada created the poster used for the Canada Motorcycle Show.
They creates and designed a generic motorcycle that was encapsulated in a thick layer of ice that was slowly melting and revealing the motorcycle. This was meant as to visually emphasize the show was nearly there and the time for riding bikes was up and coming!

News:  Luminous Creative Imaging
Luminous created the motorcycle in CG and sculpted the ice layer on top of that. Afterwards they created the background from various inputs and integrated everything together.