Photographer Hollis Bennett isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for the perfect shot — which is why when he found himself in the timber fields just outside Eugene, Oregon battling freezing temperatures, snow, and mud this past winter, he actually felt right at home.

While these sorts of challenges would send most photographers running in the opposite direction, Hollis Bennett lives for the thrill. The following *Northwest* series highlights Hollis’s expertise in capturing stunning visuals despite whatever roadblocks life decides to throw at him. Since outdoor photoshoots aren’t always sunshine and butterflies, hiring someone that knows how to navigate the unexpected obstacles that inevitably accompany wild climates is not only the most practical decision for coordinating project visions wisely, but is also always the best move in securing the uninhibited enthusiasm needed to get a job done well no matter the circumstances.

As logging is one of the most dangerous professions there is, having any sort of bystander out on the field always imposes an added risk — which is why capturing commercial material in these sorts of unpredictable industries can be a difficult feat. However, Hollis Bennett doesn’t scare easily. When given the opportunity to grab a hard hat, vest, and spend the day right in heart of the action, he’d drive his pickup truck to the ends of the Earth and back for any chance to become involved in what he’d consider to be a dream shoot.

Hollis specializes in capturing real people doing real things. His lifelong interest in fishing, hunting, traveling, and exploring allows him to both relate to these sorts of outdoor situations and to see them from the perspective of someone who has experienced them first hand. As his style carries over from editorial to advertising and back again, Hollis always knows how to carefully craft visual material that is both captivating and down-to-earth in all the right ways. His biography elaborates “The harder to get to, the hotter, colder, nastier, and downright shitty, the better.”

Outside of Hollis’s expertise both behind the lens and in working with harsh environments, he also has a solid sense of humor — which is always an added bonus when you’re working in situations that may be considered stressful to most photographers.

Hollis is known for being easy to work with, a responsible addition to hazardous photoshoot scenarios, and an all-around reliable candidate for bringing creative project visions to life. Some of his key clients include: Air BnB, Al Jazeera, Army National Guard, Country Living, Google, Jack Daniels, RAM Trucks, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, TIME, and Yeti.

For more project samples by Hollis Bennett, check out his website or portfolio.