Photographer Andrei Duman’s new series explores the underground tunnel systems that run beneath Munich, Germany. Highlighting the unique architecture and futuristic designs that are often overlooked as travelers hurry to their next destination, this project presents Germany’s subway stations in a new light. Signature of Andrei’s photography style, this project utilizes careful attention to visual detail to showcase everyday settings from an alternate perspective. Andrei elaborates:

After weeks of planning and research, I decided to go in the Underground System of Munich at around 4.30am over a 2 days period. This allowed me to the freedom to set up my composition without any people in the frame. Traveling to numerous pre chosen stations with no one around is indeed an eerie feeling. The silence is deafening but also provided a unique opportunity to slow down and really think about what I was trying to capture. There were some many converging and diverging lines that the setup for each shot was time consuming. These images were shot on the newest field camera from Phase One – the XT with a 23mm Rodenstock lens and the 150 mega pixel IQ4. Overall I visited over 50 stations in the 11 hours of shooting over the 2 days.

Andrei Duman a proud US Ambassador and Field Instructor for Phase One Cameras, where he frequently shoots one of the world’s largest camera sensor – IQ4 (150 Mega Pixels). Always on the lookout for his next project challenge, Andrei is interested in exploring¬† new techniques, new ways of capturing a subject, and using new forms of technology to produce different looks and styles. Some of Andrei’s key clients include Four Seasons Hotels, National Geographic, Nike, Mercedez-Benz, Icelandic Glacial Water, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Forbes, and Readers Digest. For more photography samples by Andrei Duman, check out his portfolio or website.