When we first saw the photograph above by Andy Anderson, we were blown away by this image’s sharp and captivating details! Shot for Código 1530 Tequila, this visual storytelling project combines history, craftsmanship, and tradition to establish an authentic brand. Known for his ability to capture candid moments that invite viewers into a storyline, it’s no surprise that Andy was the perfect photographer for the job. From the early stages of farm work in Mexico’s blue agave fields to casual moments in the bar accompanied by a slice a lime, Andy’s striking imagery documents every step of the Código journey.

Not only does this project use real life moments to highlight the cultural passion involved in this traditional spirit’s manufacturing process, but it also offers a window into the “Los Códigos” (or customs and codes) their local Amatitán, family-owned distillery has passed down through generations. Brand manager of Código, Stephen Miles, elaborates:

Many of the characters featured in our brand imagery have been close friends of our CEO and Co-Founder, Federico Vaughan, for years. Much like our shoot location and setting, the people featured in our brand imagery have been the true supporters of our tequila—long before it even bore the Código name. The way of life we feature in our campaigns is the way of life many of Fede’s friends live each and every day in Mexico.

Andy Anderson specializes in capturing environments, portraits, and moments that help shape a narrative. Andy’s innate curiosity and genuine interest in understanding the perspectives of his subjects is reflected in his photography style, where his images always seem to reach viewers in a way that feels relatable on a personal level. As demonstrated in this project, Andy has a knack for unearthing authenticity through his expert understanding of the balance between staging a photoshoot and giving moments in front of the camera the space needed to unfold naturally. Some of Andy’s key clients include Adidas, Asics, The US Army and Marines, Diner’s Club International, Dodge RAM, Emirates Air, Barbados Tourism, Fiji Tourism, GoRV, Harley Davidson, Hummer, Kodak, Liberty Mutual, Hyatt, Nike, Verizon, Visa, and Western Union. To check out more photography by Andy Anderson, view his portfolio or website.

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