This year’s Microview 64 cover by photographer Erik Almås combines avant-garde graphics, raw emotion, and sharp details to leave viewers feeling both captivated and curious. Shot for a Kessler Hotels campaign in Savannah, this project signifies Erik’s expertise in transforming simple concepts into riveting works of art.

As all compelling photographs always leave a few questions unanswered, we were especially drawn to this image’s ability to spark intrigue using an abstract style of artistry. While the project’s meaning is up to interpretation, the imagery’s underlying symbolism suggests themes such as breaking out of the mundane, embracing atypical lifestyles, and taking a vacation outside the realm of an ordinary hotel experience.

Erik elaborates, “The hotel experience got completely reimagined in this campaign for the Kessler Collection. Both the client and agency wanted to push their narrative and brand beyond the expected…” The promotional video to the left offers an inside look at the full project, where the image above can be spotted approximately one minute in.

What sets this campaign aside as a novel approach to touristic marketing is its ability to intertwine elegant with eccentric. It’s the usage of a dark and mysterious undertone, exotic yet luxurious playfulness, and a daring style of unexpected cinematography that keeps viewers fanatazing about the unconventional amusement this hotel experience has to offer.

Photographer Erik Almås is known for utilizing refreshingly interesting tactics to promote everyday topics. Originally from Norway, Erik credits his upbringing for influencing his romantic, surrealist style. After studying photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he spent the following three years perfecting his both his creative habits with the help of his mentor, Jim Erickson. Since then, Erik has been shooting for major clients such as American Airlines, Absolut, Ritz Carlton, Toyota, Microsoft, and Nike for over a decade.

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