Meet International Photographer :: Nigel Riches

International photographer Nigel Riches has traveled to the ends of the Earth and back to capture the perfect shot. With over twenty years of experience working in a variety of genres across fifty different countries, skilled is an understatement. To shed light on the endless adventures that Nigel always seems to be finding himself on, we had him scan two of his favorite film photographs from his earliest days of shooting, where the cover image above was taken while Nigel was living with Romany Gypsies in Kent England and the image to the right was snapped after he was invited to join a Tuareg journey crossing the Sahara via camel. As an expert in unraveling captivating narratives through the art form of lifestyle photography, Nigel combines his mastery over the technical aspects of capturing real moments on camera with his personable nature to offer visual campaigns consistently unique storylines.

Nigel elaborates, “Lifestyle can cover absolutely anything.” From photojournalism assignments to product promotion, Nigel understands how to encourage the natural unfolding of random, spontaneous, and believable moments. As an experienced director, he knows how to get his subjects to move, interact, and express themselves without hesitation. Nigel never asks models to pose because he knows that a little bit of banter goes a long way. From his earliest days of embarking on international travel expeditions with just a film camera and a little bit of hope – to developing an adaptive mastery over the digital era’s removal of the uncertain buffer zone that accompanies shooting on film, Nigel has dialed in the balance between these two worlds to fully understand the value in inspiring impromptu photoshoot moments.

Working in partnership with qualified drone pilot and digital guru assistant, Ryan Davies, the dynamic duo offers all-in-one package deals that encompass both motion and still images. Combining their symbiotic skill sets, this team has worked with several multinational companies to produce novel content that always veers outside overdone tropes. For Nigel and Dave, the photoshoot is about more than completing jobs devoid of passion; it’s about the experience. In an increasingly-digital world where most topics have been captured time and time again, maintaining this level of enthusiastic drive for always giving projects a unique flare is a rarity. For this reason, the team is a highly sought-after asset in making creative campaign dreams a reality. Some of Nigel’s key clients include Patagonia, Amazon, Allianz Insurance, Manchester United, North Face, Vitamalt, Snow & Rock, Oakley, and Diageo. For more photography by Nigel Riches, check out his portfolio or website.