Man on Fire // John Huet

Tuukka Rask, goalie for the Boston Bruins, is on fire right now. Having been voted the NHL’s top goaltender by ESPN, Tuukka recently graced the cover of Improper Bostonian with photographs by John Huet. The stunning images leave one question in our minds: Will his fire continue to spark and ignite the team?

On the West Coast for a slate of games, Rask and the Bruins didn’t fare so well against the Anaheim Ducks last night, and tonight’s face off with the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings, promises to bring its own set of challenges. (Don’t worry; there is still time to buy a ticket!)

“It’s never easy (out west),” Rask says. “We have to play solid defense, really good road games, try to find ways to keep things tight and win. You get those greasy goals and greasy wins. Going to California, it’s never easy.”

It may not be easy, but we know it’s going to be a fun game to watch!




Man on Fire // John Huet

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