Ever since I started to pursuing photography full time, I have set goals of where I’d like my photography work to be seen. Being selected into the Lürzer’s Int’l Archive: 200 Best Ad Photographers 20/21, is the accumulation of one of the highest goals I set for myself.

Plastic Bags, is an image which has been distributed around the world on social media and bee reposted hundreds/thousands of times, been licensed to support environmental change and has won awards or been recognized in  top photo competitions throughout the world. I am thrilled, honored and humbled to have been selected for this achievement and although this is a great recognition; I hope that the image is recognized by anyone who sees it as an inspiration to help protect our environment.

As part of an anti plastic campaign to keep plastic (plastic bags) out of our Oceans and to help keep our water and environment clean, a photo of a female surfer sitting on her surfboard as she floats out in the ocean with a view under the water of plastic bags floating in the water, which have the appearance of Jelly Fish.