Lionel Deluy // Viper Room

As a kid growing up in LA, I fantasized about going to The Viper Room. Hanging in a secluded booth in the back, masked by a cloud of smoke with my close friend Johnny and the rest of the cast from 21 Jump Street… Sure the show was canceled two years prior to the club opening, but in my 13-year-old head, the entire cast was still hanging out together smoking cigarettes, drinking Jack straight from the bottle, and listening to rock and roll EVERY NIGHT!

I thought this fascination with The Viper Room was reserved to kids growing up in LA., but when Lionel Deluy was tapped to capture images for the iconic brand’s launch into the fashion market, I could see in his eyes that the legend of the dark little club on the Sunset Strip had reached across the Atlantic. Immediately Lionel began spouting off stories about how he dreamed of going to the Viper Room when he was in France, and when he finally got there, unlike many things in LA, it did not disappoint.



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