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Lightning Round: Shawn Michienzi

Lightning Round: Shawn Michienzi

To get to know our new photographer Shawn Michienzi  better, we asked him to answer 10 questions in 10 minutes.  As a man of few words, this was easy for Shawn. Guessing he answered in more like 10 seconds!
Favorite Subject in High School?
Greek Mythology
Favorite Sport?
What you love about Travel?
Seeing new light
Best thing about Directing?
Having an AD
Best thing about Photography
Having new experiences
Photographer that has influenced you the most?
Eugene Smith
Movie that has influenced you the most?
Jeremiah Johnson
What is your greatest extravagance?
Coats, so many coats
Dream Project?
Painting Portraits
What is your most marked characteristic?
Big Hands