The earth has a vast range of landscapes. From icy tundras to rolling hills, it is certainly something that fills us with wonder, amazement, and appreciation.

These seven photographers have captured the essence of nature. In particular, mountains.

Ron Berg
Ron Berg, Travel Photography, Mountain Photography, Landscape Photography , AtEdge

Brian Hodges
Brian Hodges, Mountains, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Lifestyle Photography, AtEdge

Caterina Bernardi
Caterina Bernardi, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Mountains, Travel, AtEdge, Commercial Photography

Andrea Fremiotti
Andrea Fremiotti, Travel Photography, Mountains, Landscape Photography, Commercial Photography, AtEdge

Ian Butterworth
Ian Butterworth- Mountains

Kevin Steele
Kevin Steele, Mt. Rushmore, Commercial Photography, Travel Photography, Landscape PHotography, AtEdge

Sean Izzard
Sean Izzard, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Commercial Photography, AtEdge
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