Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

The world wide web is an amazing place.  Two years ago, I was hired to photograph a campaign based on a portfolio test that I had done a few years prior.  I knew while I was shooting the work that it was magic.  About six months after the publication of the first series of the images (I have since been hired two additional times as a continuation of the campaign) I posted the images on my website, my blog, and a few other online sources that I use. I started noticing that my website was getting more and more hits (growing to a steady 10,000 a month currently).  What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that the campaign had gone viral.  The images are posted on many different blogs, websites, forums and discussion boards.  Here are a few examples of what has been said about the work (needless to say, I have become good at Google Translate)







The other thing that I wasn’t prepared for was people’s reaction to the work.  I receive emails and phone calls about the images.  All very touching and somehow, everyone connects to the work.  People either have a connection because of the impact Alzheimer’s has had on their life through someone in their family or by simply growing older themselves.  I have enjoyed speaking to so many different people about the images, about the project and about their lives.  All of the awards that the campaign has won do not compare to the phone calls and emails that I have received from home and around the world.

Because you’ve asked, here are two of the latest images from the series.

Photo by Tom Hussey



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