With almost four thousand followers, Leigh Beisch consistently makes us drool with her food photography. To follow her is to experience the colors, tastes, and emotions of living a healthy life. Instagram came from a mashing together of “Instant camera” and “telegram.” It couldn’t be more appropriate for a photographer to use Instagram to share their work. We wanted to know about Leigh’s approach to Instagram, to showcase a sampling of her favorite images, and to show you what you might be missing.

It has been said that following you on Instagram is a reward in food, family, and friendship. What does this mean to you, and how do you choose images that reflect this?

My guess is that phrase refers to the content that I like to post on my IG feed. I naturally gravitate to that content because it best reflects what I care about and what is going on in my life. Instagram, ultimately is an expression of yourself. Some people choose to show photos of themselves; I prefer showing images of things that I care about and that I want to share with others. Since I am a mom, I work in the food world, and we live in a pretty fantastic community and part of the world, I like to share those things. I try to choose images that I find gratifying aesthetically. I also have content that not only reflects what I am thinking about or doing, but also that I feel is relevant and perhaps interesting to people on IG.

Having grown up with a mother as a poet and a father as a creative director, you were able to learn about life from a visual perspective. Do you have a different view of what you share on Instagram?

I try to keep what I share on IG as genuine to who I am and my vision/ take on things, so it feels authentic and not “generated” content. My parents had a big part in shaping my vision. My Mother’s poetry taught me to see things beyond just the surface or literal implications of a moment. My father showed me to look carefully at what is around me and recognize what a photographic moment is. ( As a Creative Director he worked with and hung out with photographers like Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson, Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, and Gary Winogrand.) IG is a place to show what I see; almost like an artists journal, but also a place to share my commercial work which I feel is relevant to that vision.

The world is inundated with messages. Do you find Instagram to be a quiet place to enjoy imagery?

I don’t think of IG as a quiet place. It is an exciting place, a place to look and be inspired. Much like going to a gallery or museum can inspire. Since it is entirely unedited and seemingly endless, sometimes it can overwhelm, and we need a break from it to regain your thoughts and visions. I think it is essential to have a balance with it- look at it, get inspired, move away, and reflect. Find and create your own, original takeaways from it.  

How do you choose the images you share on Instagram?

I think of my IG feed as being reflective of myself- a working mom who is passionate about food, wellness, community, and family. I try to make my Instagram a holistic experience. I share the images I create for clients – I happen to think many of my clients have amazing products and ideas that are relevant. I share family moments, including the quiet ones that show what kind of beauty surrounds us every day. I also like to share some of my journeys since traveling – even to a small town an hour away – can open your eyes to things and make other moments more “delicious.” 

You believe that beautiful images equate to a sense of health and well being. How is that translated on Instagram?

I have done a lot of “research” on the concept of beauty since it was the focus of my thesis project at RISD. Beautiful things have the power to heal – what we see can affect how we think, which in turn can affect our physical well being. It is why we are drawn to the beauty of a sunset or a beautiful piece of artwork. I try to show images on IG that convey a sense of beauty in even the smallest things. For example, showing the beauty in a piece of fruit in a bowl – we see how the light hits it. I show the beauty created from the pouring of a smoothie or a salad turning into a piece of art. Once we start to pay attention and see the colors and textures of food, we can begin to understand and appreciate the beauty there. 

Which images of yours get the most attention on Instagram?

I get a lot of attention for the food images that I share that I created for a client. It makes sense since those images were crafted with careful attention to styling and appeal to an audience like the one on Instagram. 

Why do you think people follow you?

I have a nice mix of clients, friends, and people who are interested in food and food photography. These are people who enjoy seeing what my particular vision is and what I choose to share. 

Who do you follow?

I follow a range of food bloggers, clients, art galleries, ceramicists, florists, stylists, friends, and cool travel bloggers. Anything that I find inspiring. I use Instagram as a daily inspiration board, a check-in to see what is going on out there! What new ideas, colors, recipes, travel destinations are out there. 

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