knits are stylin’ with Jennifer and Rachael on-set

The recently published book ‘Pure Knits’ by Yahaira Ferreira is a well illustrated take on knits as modern yet classic fashion in white showing the beauty of pattern and texture. Shot over 2 days by Allan Penn last year in a time of warmth and sun; stylist Jennifer Dunlea brought together the right accessories from jewelry to cottons + corduroy. Dunlea’s eye for the smallest detail shows throughout the book with perfectly tied satin bows, draping scarves and buttons fastened just so.

Also part of the creative team that was caravanning around the salt marshes of Massachusett’s North Shore was hair + make-up artist Rachael Berkowitz. She kept everyone looking fresh and natural, working the smallest details into the hair of the girls and ladies on-set. From hats to braids, we always love to see how Rachael makes it all come together.
To see more from ‘Pure Knits’ you can out Jennifer and Rachael‘s portfolios.
Feeling crafty? purchase the book!

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