John Huet // ESPN Technique

Over the past 12 months, John has been working with ESPN The Magazine and Dave Nadeau of Rhymes with Pixel to put together a special series of images demonstrating “Techniques” for various sports featured at the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Despite blizzards, cancellations, injuries, and limited light… John was able to capture ski jumping, bobsledding, figure skating and mogul skiing like only he can. Be sure to pick up the current issue to get the scoop on all things Winter Olympics, and click on the links below to see the online layouts on ESPN Photo.

Ski Jump – Sarah Hendrickson – Ski Jump

John Huet // ESPN TechniquePairs Figure Skating – Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnair – Quad Throw

John Huet // ESPN Technique2-Man Bobsled – Steve Holcomb & Steve Langton – Bobsled Start

John Huet // ESPN TechniqueFreestyle Mogul Skiing – Heather McPhie – Moguls Run

John Huet // ESPN Technique

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