John Huet // A Photo Editor (Re-Post)

We have been receiving a lot of emails about John’s interview on A Photo Editor… A LOT! It’s been brought to our attention that a lot of people missed our post and the interview during the holidays, so we thought we’d repost the article for those who missed it, and take this opportunity to say thanks for all the support. John is truly appreciative of those who follow his work and the recognition he has been receiving.  So here’s a repost of the interview with Suzanne Sease.

-Originally posted Dec 14th 2012-

John Huet’s strong and prosperous career as a commercial photographer now spans more than twenty-five years. This, in addition to his recent recognition in the 2012 Communication Arts Photography Annual, caught the eye of Suzanne Sease of A Photo Editor. Suzanne sat down with John to discuss the keys to surviving the ever changing and ever demanding world of Advertising. You can read the full interview in Suzanne’s column “Still Images In Great Advertising.”



See full post here: Marilyn Cadenbach Blog2013-01-18.