Photographer J. Michael Tucker‘s new campaign for Clif Bar showcases childhood at its finest. Highlighting some playful lifestyle moments including tree climbing, beach exploration, and playing on a tire swing, this campaign captures real life spontaneity to remind viewers of the unlimited energy their nutritious snack offers. Michael elaborates:

Armed with the help of what could be known as the San Francisco “Dream Team” of stylists, designers, makeup artists and grips, we rocked this spring’s Clif Kid campaign. A Clif Bar photo producer who was familiar with my work, and waited for just the right project to approach me. It really was the perfect campaign for me!  It was one of those projects during which you stress-out, laugh, pinch yourself, and then slink behind the scenes to hide your emotions.

I’ve been photographing athletes and kids for many years, and this was the perfect combination of what I excel at and what I bring to the table- action and laughter, all at the vantage point of a child. This project epitomizes all that we strive fo – getting paid to do what I love to do while hanging out with cool people.

J. Michael Tucker specializes in offering advertising campaigns with a creative flare. With experience in shooting sports, product, and lifestyle projects, J. Michael combines his expertise in capturing visually-compelling graphics with his charming personality to produce visual content that clearly reflects his ability to establish enjoyable photoshoot environments. As demonstrated in this campaign, there’s never a dull moment on or off set when the man behind the lens always knows how to bring out the best in his subjects.

Some of J. Michael’s clients include Google, Fox Sports, Reebok, AAA, Doritos, and the University of San Francisco. To check out more work by J. Michael Tucker, view his portfolio or website.