Photographer Andrew Maguire‘s campaign for New Belgium Brewing Company showcases outdoor adventure at its finest. Looking at the stunning imagery resulting from the crew’s two-day shoot up in Colorado’s Sawatch Mountain range, you’d never know the team had one key challenge to overcome in bringing New Belgium’s vision to life: following their request of capturing imagery with a “summery” look… in the middle of March. Alas, the crew embarked on the expedition during the tail-end of a record-setting snowy winter with a whole lot of ambitious determination and a little bit of hope. Andrew comments:

We had a few setups where we received a few short spurts of snowfall, which is not uncommon any time of the year in Colorado. You always aim to capitalize on the “Golden Hours” window at sunrise and sunset, but clients don’t pay you to just shoot during those prime light windows. Being able to work around flat or harsh light has really helped me hone my ability to be flexible and roll with whatever Mother Nature throws my way. Inclement weather always seems to land on production days. I’ve just come to embrace whatever happens. Some of my favorite shots are from nasty storm days.

While the shoot was centered around showcasing a product, New Belgium wanted to focus on the lifestyle aspect surrounding the beer. As Andrew’s work history gives him a unique perspective on how proper casting is a key component in telling a successful story,  he knew that finding the right actors would be essential in producing authentic imagery intentionally designed to reach specific demographics. Andrew elaborates:

Nailing the right cast really plays a large role in telling a successful story. I started off my career in a very traditional advertising market where it was all about casting with talent agencies. We rarely ever opted for “real people/street casting.” With some of my earlier career shoots, I continued exploring this route for sourcing talent. Looking back, the imagery just does not stand the test of time — and no longer lives in my portfolio. I quickly realized that you want to feature subjects that “live the life,” as we say.

Within the past six years I’ve been fortunate to work with pro athletes and individuals who practice what they preach. It truly gives the imagery a longer shelf life because you are capturing real moments as opposed to fabricated scenarios. I much prefer the “wind em’ up and let ’em go” mentality to following direction from a script.

Shared alongside New Belgium’s #thenbeer hashtag, Andrew’s photographs promote the spirit of raw, unfiltered celebration beautifully. With the campaign goal of not just focusing on the outdoor experiences of climbing mountain peaks or rafting down rivers – but capturing moments that remind viewers of the camaraderie and celebration that ensues after an adventure – this photoshoot gives lifestyle advertising a personable touch.

Andrew’s work has been well-received by both the outdoor community and New Belgium, where the company has used his images in both online promotions and on actual billboards around the country. Honored to have his visuals out on display in an age where ‘print is dead’, Andrew still blushes when he gets excited texts or phone calls from friends or colleagues that spot his imagery out in the wild. For Andrew, the experience of being able to combine his passion for outdoor adventure with his years of expertise in advertising photography is a reward in itself.

Some of Andrew’s other clients include Osprey, Nike, Subaru, Ford, Vail, BoardWorks, and AAALiving. For more photography samples by Andrew Maguire, check out his portfolio or website.