Jason Lindsey: One Personal Project Leads To Another

When Jason Lindsey sent out his Montana project letting everyone know about his new series of work, he never expected them to come back with such similar requests. Trucks. They wanted to see more, but more specifically, they wanted to see trucks within the environment that Jason had created in the Montana series.

He had always wanted to add an automotive section to his portfolio in the past, but never quite found the time to make the logistics of the project happen. Over the next couple of months Jason and Talia Watkins, his producer, worked together to find locations, trucks, and crew in between Jason traveling all over the country. Together they would set up shoots wherever he happened to be that week: Utah, Montana, Illinois, even Sweden. He knew to stay true to his aesthetic he had to set up lifestyle scenarios built around a car, not the other way around. Jason and Talia would ask around to see what locations in the area might have alluring parts of winding roads, charming barns, or captivating industrial locations that would help tell the story.

Together they produced a whole new body of work that shows the rugged lifestyle Jason is known for capturing while incorporating heroic images of the trucks in everyday scenarios.  Check them out below:

Truck Lifestyle portfolio

Montana Lifestyle Portfolio