I’ve gone to the Dark Side

I’m not always sure of my inspiration for projects, but for this  shoot, I knew I wanted to be a part of something big and culturally relevant;  I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself.  I wanted to create images of the beloved characters in the Star Wars movie series but in a way that was unique, giving the viewer a different perspective.  While in retouching, Jamie (my digital genius and Star Wars fanatic), likened these images to Hans Solo being frozen in Carbonite.   While not frozen in Carbonite, these collectables are encapsulated and sealed beneath a sheet of latex. As I’ve shared these images over the past few weeks with colleagues and friends the reactions have all been the same; people are blown away and they’re excited.  Most importantly, these images make them happy. In the end, what I did was bring a smile to people’s faces. I guess that’s really why I shoot things – to tell stories that don’t make you think too much, they just make you feel.      

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