iRobot helps Japan

Full circle, that’s how everything comes.

The advertising and photo industry are interesting fields. Photographers, creatives, account managers, marketing professionals – there’s a major commonality: knowing your client and their product. It tends to give us all a smattering of knowledge on everything from manufacturing of apparel to the bottling of drink products. It also gives us talking points that sometimes come full circle.

As is the case of iRobot, (photographer) Bob Packert visited their headquarters early this year to photograph CEO Colin Angle for Northshore Magazine. Read the article and you will find it touches on the personal side of Angle and his wife, former Miss Massachusetts and MIT grad Erika Ebbel as well as what iRobot is all about.

As Packert learned, iRobot is not just the creator of the famous Roomba, there is a huge emphasis on robots for the military and also disaster missions. In fact, they played a major role in the Gulf Spill: An Excerpt from Northshore’s article states:

iRobot is always at work developing robots to do things that people don’t want to do, or in some cases, can’t do, like probe the depths of the ocean. That was the case with the Seaglider, an underwater robot that iRobot used to detect the plumes of oil underwater after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. The company published their findings online, publicizing the plumes “at a time when their existence was being discounted aggressively,” Angle says.

“We found them the same day that BP was making the statement that they didn’t exist,” he says. “We felt like we had an impact once again…and hopefully have contributed to the cleanup and conservation of the environment down there.”

Fast-forward to the last few weeks, Bob Packert caught this piece on New England Cable News and we discussed it during a phone call.

“One thing that kept coming up in conversation throughout the shoot was the fact that much of the technology developed was to help people. I noted that part of the company mantra was to “change the world”. It is even more apparent now, with their role in helping with the disaster relief efforts in Japan! Kudos to a company helping to make a difference!” said Packert

Once again, iRobot is going where humans cannot and doing its best to help the people of Japan. Packert’s take on this is that he saw first hand at iRobot how they really do strive to utilize their products to help us.

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