iPhone Camera Apps – AutoStitch

AutoStitch was a recommendation from a Facebook friend before I left for Spain.  Since I would be working while I was in Spain, I knew I would be taking all of my photo gear but there are times when I knew all I’d have with me was my iPhone.  The way that AutoStitch works is by taking lots of pictures from an ordinary camera, and stitching them together to form a composite image with a much larger field of view.  I knew it would work when we were in the mountains – quick snap the scenes, load them into the app, and they would be stitched together.  I wanted to try the app for something different.  I made the image above as we landed in Madrid.  There is a slight ghosting in the photo that was purposeful and due to the motion from the taxing of the plane.  The next image is more typical of the panoramic image that you might expect.

In this image you get an idea that the final shot is pieced together from the sides and bottom of the image.  This shot was taken indoors at the Ysios Winery in Laguardia, Spain.  The building was designed by Calatrava. The interior placement of the barrels mimics the volumetric treatment to the roof and walls. Having the ability to make the images and stitch them together allows you to get a better sense of the placement of the barrels and the size of the space.

I was glad that I had AutoStitch on my phone and I continue to look for more out of the ordinary uses for the app. Head over to the iPhone store and buy the app and while you are there (and since you’ve read the whole review) I have a hot tip.  For a few days Quick Pix is free.  It’s a photo app that allows you to shoot fast enough on your iPhone or iPad to do some stop motion.  Grab that one while you are there and I’ll post some images soon from Quick Pix.

iHussey Photo by Tom Hussey



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