iPhone Apps – HDR Pro

Before I went to Spain I took a quick survey on Facebook about photo apps.  One of the apps that was recommended was HDR Pro.  I shoot HDR but not usually with my iPhone.  I thought I’d give it a go.  It was great fun.  The first opportunity that I had to use the app was when I was staying in Elciego at the Frank Gehry designed Hotel Marques de Riscal.  When you shoot HDR you actually shoot 2 images.  One exposes for the darker area and one for the lighter.

Here is the lighter image:

And here is the darker image:

And presto, chango they are combined right there in your iPhone to give you this:

I had fun with the app while I was traveling.  I would recommend this app for anyone that gets a kick out of shooting with their iPhone.  It worked well and was painless to use.  It is certainly not as complex as the way I normally shoot HDR, but when you can carry the camera in your pocket I’d say it’s a winner.

iHussey Photo by Tom Hussey



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