In Case You Are Just Joining Us

About four straight weeks of shooting, and I’m finally coming up for air.

Here’s a quick tally:

1) two cover/feature projects — one of which involved the 101 year-old Grandma seen above
2) two lookbooks for local clothiers
3) a conceptual still-life project for an inflight magazine
4) making notecards float
5) having fun with the American flag
6) a project that involved a rented 737
7) constructed tableaux scenarios regarding the War of 1812

Look forward to posting more about that stuff soon, but — in the meantime — here are a few updates of note.

My website now showcase more of my conceptual/humorous work. New imagery, improved categories/galleries and a tearsheets section. Check it out here.

In addition, my work can be seen on At-Edge, both on their website and in their Microview Sourcebooks.

You’ll also find more of my work over on FoundFolios.

In other news, Amanda Sosa-Stone did a short Q&A session with me recounting my 2011. It was truly a banner year considering it was my first year shooting since leaving assisting in late 2010.

Keep your eyes peeled for more mention of me in that regard out on the national photo blogosphere sometime later this week.

More soon,



See full post here: The Office of Michael Clinard, General Photography BLOG2012-03-26.